, 01.05.2019 10:25 AM

Donald Trump is an asshole and a you-know-what

Is he a motherfucker, too? For sure. He’s an asshole and a motherfucker.

Those are just the facts. So, here’s the song my band did about him. It’s catchy. Sing along. Download it.

Now, I can safely say that Donald Trump is an asshole and a motherfucker because I’m not (a) a newly-elected Democrat member of Congress who (b) got elected promising to talk about healthcare and stuff like that and (c) not impeachment. Anyone who has worked with me on a campaign (and Lisa, too, which was part of the reason I liked her right away, but I digress) will tell you that I swear like a proverbial trucker, 24/7. But they’ll also tell you I get really pissed off when my candidate swears in public.

Why? Because the media can’t help themselves. You could be holding a press conference to announce you have discovered a cure for cancer, but if you also say “I’m really fucking excited,” the media will focus on mostly (or only) that. It’s how they are wired. If it bleeds, it leads; if there’s a curse, it goes first. They can’t help themselves.

Calling Trump an impeachable motherfucker is what that newly-elected Democrat did, and it was a big mistake. I said so. When her team was trying to fight Trump on the shutdown and his racist wall, calling Trump a motherfucker who is going to be impeached was dumb, dumb, dumb. It allowed a relieved GOP to change the channel. (The fact that the Democrat was a woman and a Muslim made it even better.)

Anyway. Moral of the story, here, is that when you are in a punk band – like my guy Beto was, check it out – swear like a motherfucker. But when you get elected to something?

Fucking don’t.


  1. Robert White says:

    My mother [Poet/Producer] taught myself & siblings all how to hurl epithets like a longshoreman before we were in grade school. My father used to go around the house closing all the windows so the neighbours weren’t offended.

    My gym teacher in high school said I ‘swore like a Catholic’.



  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Agreed that short-term, it played right into Republican hands. It was almost like giving them a political club with which to beat you and your party.

    But that won’t work for Republicans in the end, say 2020, cause this baby is the Trump Shutdown. It means lots of people get seriously hurt. The longer it goes, the more Trump re-election prospects fade. If Mitch deliberately stays thethered to Trump (because of Elaine), the quicker McConnell hands Democrats the Senate in 2020.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “But that won’t work for Republicans in the end, say 2020, cause this baby is the Trump Shutdown.”

      Or the Democratic Shutdown, depending upon which side you ‘re on….

      • Fred,

        IF you divide the blame game into Republicans, Democrats and the President, in both the Clinton and Obama shutdowns, Republicans got a plurality of the blame in polls.

      • The Doctor says:

        Fred, wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for the Wall? So why is Trump asking American taxpayers for billions to pay for a wall? Please explain.

        • Fred from BC says:

          Gee, Doc…I have no idea. Why would I?

          Maybe it’s like when Barack Obama claimed, in his first State of the Union address, that “We have excluded lobbyists from policy-making positions”…when in fact he had hired about 40 of them by that point? Please explain.

  3. Jack says:

    No. You’re wrong.

    Traditional punditry on her remarks are nothing but vapid commentary echoing a forgone political environment, based entirely bullshit preconceived notions of what “is” and “isn’t” acceptable behaviour.

    Trump was asked by the press what he thought of the Congresswoman’s language and he (completely as expected) responded by lashing out at her. Absolutely no further push back from the media on his own hypocrisy. Thereby reinforcing this absurd double-standard Democrats are held to. This cycle has continued for two years now.

    The problem here isn’t this Congresswoman. She should under no circumstances need to censor herself simply because she is a female, Muslim Democrat.

    How many Democrat volunteers (the ones who are going to GOTV in 2020) and donors are going to turn away from the Democrats because she called Donald Trump a motherfucker at a party?

    Absolutely none.

    Democrats and progressives need to buck the fuck up and move past this debilitating fear of this prissy-ass DC media/pundit class and stop trying to play their version of the ideal Democratic politician.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “How many Democrat volunteers (the ones who are going to GOTV in 2020) and donors are going to turn away from the Democrats because she called Donald Trump a motherfucker at a party?

      Absolutely none. ”

      How many middle-of-the-road, undecided voters who are turned off by Donald Trump’s behavior and mannerisms and looking for a more adult, respectful alternative they can support? Probably lots.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Well Jack, I suppose you would draw the line at Kathy Griffin? Because in the mind of the average American a line does exist and it’s entirely irrelevant whether Trump is popular or not.

      As I once pointed out to Warren, Trump had to win big to lose big.

      Trump made himself and as sure as I’m breathing, only Trump can unmake Trump. And he will because that is his destiny.

      • The Doctor says:

        In this age of people being obsessed with their rights (especially fuelled by social media), people constantly forget the important difference between something you have the right to do versus something you OUGHT to do. In a Western liberal democracy, you have a right to call Donald Trump a motherfucker. You even have the right to do what Kathy Griffin did. But in both cases, was it actually a good idea? Strategically speaking, no. If you’re politically wise, you appreciate that distinction. I hate Trump’s guts, but a lot of zealous progressive people don’t understand that politics is a long game, and you need to play smart if you want to win.

        Furthermore, for Crissakes, wait until the Mueller report is published. One of the things you learn in life if you have any brains is: get all the facts. Starting impeachment proceedings without the benefit of the Mueller report is stupid on multiple levels.

        • Doc,


          In addition, I would never view impeachment as a strategic alternative. Those ladies and gentlemen in the Senate are long-game thinkers. They don’t like the idea of lighting the match that would start a civil war in the United States…

          IMHO, that’s precisely why both Johnson and Clinton were acquitted at trial. Impeachment makes for good theatre in the House but it’s a colossal waste of time.

        • Robert White says:


          We don’t need no stinking facts!


        • Fred from BC says:

          “Furthermore, for Crissakes, wait until the Mueller report is published. ”

          Oh, please. The Mueller report has already been published, one detail at a time, for a year now. Every single action and reaction has been leaked to the media, published, republished, analyzed and scrutinized over and over again.

          See, if there’s one thing that the anti-Trump hysterics have made explicitly clear since his election, it’s that they simply CAN’T KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT to save their lives. Not even for a minute. Not even if it risks destroying the case against Trump. NOT AT ALL. They’re like children, with little or no impulse control. Sorry, kids…but there will be no “smoking gun” to bring down Donald Trump. Part of me wishes there was, but alas, I dwell in the real world, not the one that so many of you seem to inhabit.

  4. Russ says:

    Warren – you are correct – stuff like this distracts, rightly or wrongly, from the message you are trying to deliver or what you are trying to accomplish. The only other comment I have is fuddle duddle.

  5. doconnor says:

    Saying outrageous thinks worked for Trump, why won’t it work for Democrats?

    • doconnor,

      Trump hit a chord with the emotionally dispossessed, forgotten masses.

      That same demographic can relate to Biden if the American economy goes south but can any of the others really, truly, tap in? Maybe Bernie, had he not been a Democratic-Socialist.

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