, 01.08.2019 08:38 AM

Recipe For Hate: a look at the crime scene

My first book in the X Gang series, Recipe For Hate, is up for another award this year – the White Pine Award – and I’m honoured to be considered with so many amazing authors and books.

Also amazing: the kids at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary in the Hammer did a display depicting scenes from Recipe For Hate, and it is totally awesome. Their tweet is here and some photos of their work are below. (Another book, Black Chuck, also provided inspiration.)

The White Pine Award gets decided in May. Win or lose, it is so cool to see something you write get interpreted in this way by others.

Some of the reviews of Recipe For Hate are here.

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    Emily Forster says:

    The teacher-librarian at SJAM, Janet MacLeod, is fantastic. she does more to put good books in the hands of teenagers (and adults) than anyone else I know.

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