02.11.2019 01:46 PM

JWR’s Dad speaks – and he pulls no punches

From his Facebook page.  I agree with every word.

Bill Wilson Yesterday at 11:51 AM

“THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES” – JODY was demoted because she would not “play ball” with the Big Boys who run the Liberal Party. Big industry & jobs threatened by honesty and integrity? Where have I heard this before? Mining, bad logging & fish farms perhaps! – Buried in the controversy are the 4 speeches that JODY made briefly calling in to question Trudeau’s sincerity about RECONCILIATION, which has been a FARCE from the outset. This farce continues to cover up the MISERY INDUSTRY run by DIA, lawyers, consultants, facilitators, the churches, healers and the “service” groups which are aided & abetted by the DIA chiefs, AFN, Summit, UBCIC and the other Indians seeking White approval. – Less than 10% of any federal $$ ever gets to the Indians. – Please share.


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    Germaine says:

    Thats is truly a great comment in support of your daughter.
    The reconciliation is a farce and I believe that an Ontario Judge who sat on the reconciliation committee and quit because he wasnt the most important one is part of the problem. Go to Donald Best.ca and read up on a post about this Ontario Superior Court Judge You probably know who he is. Interesting story about the Ontario Judge.

    The Indian children removed from their homes received a payout of $800 million dollars and that equalled $15000 to $25000 per Canadian Indian entitled to compensation and the law firms received a total of $75 million to share in legal fees. So how much roughly did each lawyer pocket and they were not the ones removed from their loving parents and lives destroyed by it. Sixties Scoop pretty sad.
    Yes its certainly a farce.
    You can be proud of your daughter if she speaks out after resigning. Resigning was probably the only way to tell the truth to Canadians demanding the truth. Criminals bar exposing of them under every disguise that they can think of. But Canadians see under the disguise.
    Emperors new clothes. Great description, Thats what I call all these clowns. If SNC Lavelin went bankrupt then the other companies that bid on the contracts will get them and hire the workers laid off from SNC Lavelin. Total joke and they expect Canadians to believe it.
    We wish your daughter the best and the woman of Canada respect her far more than the clown called the prime minister.
    This government is under extreme pressure from all the ethics breaches and criminal allegations. Thats why continual expose of any crooked links is necessary. This government will collapse along with all the crooked people including crooked law enforcement.

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    Bruce Almighty says:

    Jodys dad certainly packs the punches. Love his comments.

    Do you think Stephen Harper would have made a bill to change the conviction laws for SNC Lavelin known as a DPA. Read this. I think we know the answer. The more than a billion dollar drug trafficking trade into Canada covered up and allowed by crooked governments law enforcement crooked lawyers and law societies and Courts.

    When The Black List meets the Pelican Brief

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    Roger Who says:

    STOP THE PRESSES….We have uncovered your crooked link

    hamilton police and ottawa police.. are they in the habit of having accounts shutdown.

    dishonestandunethicallawyers.wordpress.com now who wants to hide that from the public.

    Its called enticing the crooked to catch the criminals. Clean police you saw that right Nothing like posting on their feed. Then you can watch the fish bite. Are we in the habit of protecting maffia and drug dealers and money laundering lawyers and crooked government.

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    Roger Who says:


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