02.21.2019 10:23 AM

#LavScam latest: Trudeau is still demeaning Jody Wilson-Raybould

See below. He said his people should stop attacking her. But here he is, again, saying her behaviour is “puzzling.” Before you know it, he’ll be back to saying this smart and proud indigenous woman is “difficult,” “a thorn in his side” and “in it for herself.”


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    Matt says:

    Wow. Just read the Globe article.

    I’m no expert, but it certainly looks like she implicated Gerry Butts. She (allegedly) told cabinet he talked to her about it months after the prosecution rejected the deferred prosecution agreement.

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    Joseph says:

    Looks like a palace coup now with two rivals fighting over the big chair.

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    Sam White says:

    Likely any other leader would have been done in by now, but Trudeau’s ego will have him hanging on till the very end. He is, after all, Liberal (and by extension, Canadian) Royalty.

    I truly think there’s a good chance he truly believes he is above the law.

    I can see a few scenarios playing out here.

    Smarter members of the power brokers within the LPC get enough caucus on side to force him out early enough to get another leader in place well before October.

    They let him hang on to go down to defeat in October, then they start rebuilding the brand.

    This whole affair gets glossed over enough and he gets in for another term. This is possible, and liberals must be thanking the heavens daily that Mulcair stepped down to let the hapless Jagmeet take the helm.

    As an Albertan (formerly BC’er), part of me would welcome the latter. Another Trudeau term (especially a majority) could set in motion a separation/independence movement that would surprise the ROC with its influence, and more importantly, its seriousness. Strong enough to cause a massive shift in the dynamics of the nation, whether or not it achieves its end goal.

    For those that scoff at this, keep underestimating it at your peril. There’s a lot more to it just under the surface than the ROC sees.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    He has to quit it with the “surprised and disappointed” routine now and find a way to communicate that he understands why she resigns while saying he disagreed with her reasons for doing so. That’s the best he can hope for.

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    Gilbert says:

    He’s surprised and disappointed that she didn’t want to follow directions.

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