, 02.14.2019 04:03 PM

#LavScam shocker coming

Hearing a poll is coming.

Hearing that the pollster started fielding before #LavScam erupted.

Hearing the pollster was also in the field for two days afterwards – and caught plenty of the negative reactions Canadians are feeling.

Hearing that there has been a significant shift – and not in a good way for Justin Trudeau.

At all.


  1. Ken says:

    Thank you, Warren Kinsella. This is a story that must not go away. I have watched the Prime Minister deflect reasonable questions from the opposition with prepared talking points long enough. If the Prime Minister is so dismissive of our elected officials’ questions, I think it speaks volumes to his lack of empathy for the Canadian public. I cannot speak to who his true political masters are, but I feel that Canadians run a far second in his concerns.

  2. Karl Milton Marx Friedman says:

    The poll for as reliable a source of yours still can’t account for that the fact that nobody knows who Andrew Scheer is or what he stands for.

    • Krugerand says:

      Does it really matter? Most politicians promise one thing then do whatever they want once in office

      • Walter says:


        I remember in 2015 Trudeau promising small budget and return to balance, and electoral reform.
        I remember in 2006 Harper promising to lower GET by 2% and in 2011 promising to balance the budget.

        It appears PMs keep 50% of their big promises.

  3. Vancouverois says:

    On a completely unrelated note (well, maybe not *completely* unrelated), I am highly amused that the #CoveringButts hashtag seems to be taking off on Twitter.

  4. Hugh Whalen says:

    Pass the popcorn. This is going to be epic.

  5. Gyor says:

    I look forward to seeing this poll.

  6. RKJ says:

    Andrew Scheer now has better prospects, if he can shift closer to the “centre”. He can throw “red meat” to his base but to win he’ll also need to present a positive case to 5 or 10 percent of the population who will/would not normally vote for him. This will be a real test of his political skills.

  7. SadsadCanadian says:

    The very sad part is that JT has ushered us into an era of three or four solitudes. The SNC files resonates very differently in Quebec from the ROC. Add the indigenous and feminist disassociation from the established Trudeau narrative. We may end up farther apart than we were in 2015. So much for sunniness.

    • Housevader says:

      @SadsadCanadian the four solitudes is yours alone to bare. Perched from inside your head is a tinier version of yourself inside which sits an even smaller version of you, inside which sits a romantic on a laptop. The vast majority of Canadians understand the sitch differently: 1) indigenous reconciliation is a winding path not a straight line, 2) that gender equality merely begins with symbolic guestures as such it doesn’t end with a cabinet shuffle, 3) Laurier’s two solitudes is about centres of political power not actually about the everyday people (the true bosses) English French or otherwise.
      4) SNC Lavalin corruption needs to be tackled with precision; deal with the offending decision makers (retired or not). The company can threaten capital
      Flight, it’s balance sheet is full of redeployable assets; it’s just a waste of everyone’s time to inhibit future contract acquisition, as such the DPA makes a lot of sense.

      Come October be surprised; a split right with the PPC resonating as the balance of power. The Scheer Tories will get a buzz cut. Jag meet with meet his maker (career-wise) and the Sunnyways will continue. Campaigns matter.

  8. Christian says:

    Trudeau shit the bed. That’s what the poll is going to say. And, thanks to his idiocy (and the hopelessness of the NDP) we might be stuck with PM Scheer……ugh! Seriously hoping Singh loses the by-election and maybe the NDP put someone with half a brain in charge? That’s the only hope for progressives (or the Greens purge the morons and wing nuts and become electable I’d go for that).

  9. Sean says:

    He’ll be coming around the mountain
    But not today
    He’ll be coming around the mountain
    But not today
    He’ll be coming around the mountain
    And crying like a fountain
    He’ll be coming around the mountain
    But not today

    Just wait until that poll comes out

  10. Lou says:

    Look, most people out here on the left coast voted for the dauphin out of spite. They busted their ass to find candidates that would inspire. On many boards i stated the thteat of a Butts run government. You got what you asked for. A moron puppet. Dont be shocked by the result. You vote for a fraud, you get a fraud. Assgrabbing fraud at that.

  11. Eugene Gritter says:

    It’s not that they lie to us; we’ve gotten quite accustomed to that. It’s the absolute disdain on full display (never more so than at yesterday’s committee meeting). That will prove to be their undoing, IMHO.

  12. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    To get out from under this, you need to be aces in crisis management and scandal diffusion. Nobody even remotely like that is in this PMO. They are so blind they can’t see steadily eroding confidence in the Prime Minister. Their response is verbal massage — cause they’ve got nothing else…

    For them, all of this is merely manufactured outrage and inconvenience. They don’t see that they are the direct cause and that by now, massive firings are no longer enough. People want this PM’s political hide. Recovery is no longer a realistic outcome.

    They had their chance at accountabilty and deliberately blew it. And the PM was foolish enough to give those underlings carte-blanche. Ouch! Now they get to take him straight down with the rest of them.

  13. Jack says:

    This one poll is definitely indicative of a major, unprecedented shift of support towards… [looks at notes] … Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives.

    Unmistakably, the writing is on the walls. Nothing to do now but watch as the Conservatives pick up a historic majority government in the Fall and return us to glory days of [looks at notes again]… Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright.

    Time has come to start counting chicken, as that is always a wise strategy nine months before an election.

    • Fred from BC says:

      This one poll is definitely indicative of a major, unprecedented shift of support towards… [looks at notes] … Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives. ”

      Doesn’t matter if it shifts to the Conservatives or the NDP or the Greens…or even if it just causes people to stay home and not vote at all. As long as it shifts away from the Liberals, Scheer will be the beneficiary.

  14. Dennis Carrigan says:

    All the tracking polls I’ve seen like Nanos show the Libs maintaining a good lead… including during this scandal.

  15. Everyone know Trudeau was a snowboard instructor/drama teacher. Zero qualifications to be PM. He was sold to some Canadians as the Trudeau Brand.

  16. eugene assailly says:

    the liberal backbenchers need to have good hard look in mirror ask themselves why canada is number 9 not number 1 on transparency international corruption scale .the pm and his small little gang who are calling shots ,are a embarrassment to all canadaians .they don,t deserve to be in control of this great country with standards they are trying to set two laws one for rich one for poor . the question that needs to be asked is which provinces are making us all look bad and need to clean up their act ,liberal back benchers are same as trumps gop grinning and nodding while pm and gang spin different spin daily were not a banana republic .corruption is number one problem in world .

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