02.10.2019 05:57 PM

National News Media Council rules Sue-Ann Levy publishes “false information” and attacks vulnerable minorities

Their entire scathing judgment is here. It arose out of a racist and hate-filled “column” where Levy falsely claimed Muslim migrants at a Toronto hotel were “slaughtering goats” in washrooms – which was immediately followed by an attempt to set fire to the East End hotel. Which would have led to many deaths, had the plot not been foiled by staff.

Key findings about Levy’s “journalism,” which also gave rise to multiple complaints about racism and hate:

  • Levy authors “false information” – and Levy was later forced to admit to doing so.
  • Levy uses “unsubstantiated and pejorative terms to describe people who are vulnerable targets in a highly polarized political and social environment.”
  • Levy refers to “immigrants and refugees [as] illegal,without evidence as to the accuracy of that description.”
  • Levy’s column was so bad, “basic journalistic standards of seeking accuracy were noticeably lacking.”
  • Levy therefore committed “a serious breach of journalistic standards for accuracy in reporting.

So, why does this foul polemicist continue to be employed at the Sun, where most of her colleagues are appalled and disgusted by her?

Ask her nearly-80 pal and boss Paul Godfrey, who – as the Globe reported recently – isn’t wanted around Postmedia either.

Get rid of Godfrey and you get rid of Levy. Simple.


  1. Corey of the prairies says:

    It seems to me that one has to be either
    A) delusional to believe goats were somehow being slaughtered in a hotel bathroom, or
    B) a completely soulless, amoral “journalist” to write this kind of trash knowing damn well it will agitate the terrified masses, all in the name of getting clicks

    Glad to hear the media council came down hard on her. I don’t know their role, but it does sound like they are unfortunately toothless. If all she gets is a slap on the wrist, I can see her just playing the censorship / freeze peach card. “I write the news they don’t want you to read” etc. Regardless, hopefully her employment prospects are greatly reduced for the glorious day when Postmedia goes belly up.

    Many of their columnists out west here seem to be cut from the same cloth.

  2. the salamander says:

    .. an extensive reader, I was nevertheless ambushed by Ms Levy’s ‘goats in the bathrub and we don’t know what to do about them’. Not sure if I was even aware of her puny existance prior. This is the era of cut n paste echo chamber posturing preening partisan columnists, sellout media.. marching for old snot evangelical values and greed (cue trumpets, cue choir, ascend to the pulpit, a little racism from on high) Deary me, but I hope ms Levy never lectures to journalism students.. or any school children, for that matter.. she sounds like her message is Make White Great Again

  3. Crystal L. says:

    Levy is of the Faith Goldy school of journalism…
    That said, the basic sociology remains. How it ends:

  4. Mark B says:

    Sue-Anne Levy is a racist bigot, who spews hate & name calls those who she doesn’t like/agree with & uses slurs for minority groups & social-activist’s who she seems to find useless & irrelevant.

    When Mrs. Levy (or whatever her married name is) is called out on this or disagreed w/, she lash’s out again w/ more names & put-downs.

    She is irrelevant & by no means a journalist.
    She is a hack, working for a rag of a so-called newspaper.

  5. Mark B says:

    Sue-Anne Levy is an irrelevant racist/bigot.
    Her modus operandi is name-calling & slander.

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