, 02.12.2019 12:19 PM

She had no choice

Jody Wilson-Raybould is a decent, honest, honourable person.

Unlike many of the little creeps we’ve been hearing from, anonymously, for the past few days.

She spoke truth to power.  She advocated for women, for indigenous people, for ethical government.

They – the ones who came into power claiming to be on the side of the women, and indigenous people, and ethics – didn’t like that.  They, the little boys in PMO, don’t like it when women like Jody Wilson-Raybould talk back.  So they punished her.  They demoted her and marginalized her.

Well, the tables have turned.  She’s quit cabinet, she’s retained respected legal counsel, and she’s signalled that she has things to say.  She’s fighting back.

What will she say?  I don’t know.

But I know her, a little bit – and know that she will be decent, honourable and ethical when she says what she has to say.


  1. Matt says:

    That large sucking sound you heard was Justin Trudeau’s sphincter tightening.

    I guess Trudeau’s little smart ass answer to questioning yesterday about having “spoken with her and had her confirm some things” was the last straw.

  2. Michael Slavitch says:

    She’s not part of the PMO’s McGill mafia.

    PMJT needs to either flush his entire PMO or resign.

    • Doug Brown says:

      Without the PMO, there is no Trudeau. His fake persona was entirely conjured by Gerald Butts. All Trudeau brings to the table are the name and celebrity connections. Make Trudeau a middle aged frat boy again.

  3. Pam says:

    How does Katie Telford fit in with the PMO’s little boys running the show? She doesn’t appear to be one to just go along? Or is that just for show?

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    It will get a lot worse for them in short order.

  5. Matt says:

    And it still ain’t even close to being done.

    Lots more stuff coming. On many, many fronts.

  6. the salamander says:

    .. Prime Minister looking truly lame ass now
    that must be egg we see all over his face..
    Hopefully for him, he can face the cameras
    and curb the incessant ‘ah.. well and we ah, ah..’
    That speech impediment when winging it
    is a complete disaster.. credible ? Not..

    • Montrealaise says:

      It’s not a speech impediment – more like a brain impediment. He’s just not smart enough to think on his feet, so any time he has to deviate from a carefully crafted, well-rehearsed script, he struggles to gather something resembling coherent thoughts.

  7. Sam White says:

    I’m guessing defacto PM Butts has caused something of a fissure in liberal ranks right about now.

    Will Justin toss him to the curb?

    Can Justin toss him to the curb?

    • Joseph says:

      Not wanting to hijack a thread.
      This is Mr Kinsella’s site so I will do my best to respect that.
      But if Butts is removed from his post.
      Who will be there to maintain the adult supervision over the Sockmonkey?

  8. Joan Cole says:

    this is one classy dame, and I both respect and admire her gumption.

  9. T Bird says:

    The bigger part of this story which needs to be investigated is SNC Lavalin’s role in drafting changes to the criminal code, to create their own get-out-of-jail-free card. What were the nature of the 70+ meetings they held with the PMO and others, while SNC Lavalin was awaiting their criminal trial?

  10. Stephen Wood says:

    “She says she has hired a former Supreme Court judge to tell her what she can say about her dealings with the prime minister on the SNC-Lavalin affair” so does anyone think that what she needs advice on is how much she can gush about what a supportive boss he is and how dreamy he is? Funny thing…2 years ago which North American leader would you have picked to have to resign in disgrace? I think the essential problem is that we elected someone who is not smart enough. A sufficiently intelligent person could have foreseen how much jeopardy he was getting into pressuring the AG to fix things for SNC-Lavalin. I doubt he had any nefarious intent or had an opportunity to profit personally ….he was just too limited in intellect to think it through…..predicting the future is a mugs game but I believe our drama teacher in chief will not be the next liberal PM of Canada

    • Stephen,

      When the boss doesn’t get it, regardless of intellect, it’s their JOB in the PMO to think it through for him…they sure did a fine job of that. Par for the course.

      If the 15-20 PMO staffers affected to the “SNC-task” suddenly find Ottawa a tad too stressful — no worries — let them just take a helpful jaunt to India to clear the air and revive sulking spirits.

  11. We don’t want this to be true. But corporate masters do still run the show in the LPC. And JT speaks better than he delivers.

    Whatever happens, it better not end up in a Scheer government.

    If this all goes south, I just hope someone like Jane Philpott can pick up the pieces and provide leadership for this country.

  12. Jack Nimble says:

    Ultimately, unless she has copious notes and/or there are emails/documentation that specifically spell out the PM’s “orders,” this is going to come down to He Said, She Said.

    Then it will come down to what the Liberal caucus wants to do. And they won’t want to do anything.

    JT will fire a few staffers and continue on.

  13. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    Liberal MP’s do know (don’t they?) that Chrystia Freeland could walk into the PM”s job tomorrow, and everyone, including them, would be better off.

  14. Gord says:

    Her resignation letter is fascinating reading. The most significant thing, to me, is the fact that she’s hired former SCC justice Tom Cromwell as her counsel. Reading between the lines, I can only assume she is seeking advice on what her oath of cabinet confidentiality and her solicitor-client privilege permit her to say, either publicly or before a Parliamentary committee.

    You don’t do that unless you have something potentially explosive to say.

  15. Joe de Mora says:

    I am by choice a bipartisan non-liberal. Having said that I have tweeted before you are my favorite liberal. JWR becomes , by her actions , my second.

  16. Sean says:

    The entire nation wants transparency, other than unprincipled types who would defend Trudeau if he was caught in bed with Craig Oliver :(. You can sense the thirst for justice when braves women, who are liberals, stand and deliver. When I read comments from a wide range of pundits, most are on the same page and draw the same conclusion. When I see Warren’s lawyer mind parce Trudeau’s comments (which would have fooled me) and point out his intention to hoodwink the public, I again sense that our guardians of the Canadian constitution and Canadian law, are not asleep at the wheel. I wonder if Trudeau and Butts are aware of what they are facing? It’s one thing to fool guys like me, but they won’t fool the pros.

    • Sean,

      If Liberals sit on their hands in significant numbers come October, they are in real, real, and perhaps mortal trouble.

      In the interim, they had better pray hard that they don’t soon find themselves with a cabinet ultimatum, cause then it will be truly over.

      It’s called cabinet solidarity, not prime ministerial solidarity.

  17. Kinsey says:

    All we need right now is for another groping allegation to surface and Trudeau is toast.

  18. Matt says:

    LOL. Yesterday:

    Trudeau said he had “full confidence” in Wilson-Raybould and suggested she would have resigned from cabinet on principle if she had felt anyone had tried to improperly pressure her.

    Today she resigns.

    She seems to be trying to tell us something without saying it.

  19. Matt says:

    Any significance she chose a Harper appointee to the SCoC to advise her?

  20. Walter says:

    Trudeau did a similar thing with Rose Knight. He knew that she wanted to stay anonymous, so he boldly described how he didn’t remember any incident – even though he apologized for it at the time). It appears that Rose couldn’t take the Trudeau lies, so she had to come forward to tell the true story.
    Same as here, Trudeau tried to take advantage of a women who for whatever reason, was not in a position to defend themselves.

  21. Doug Brown says:

    Without the PMO, there is no Trudeau. His fake persona was entirely conjured by Gerald Butts. All Trudeau brings to the table are the name and celebrity connections. Make Trudeau a middle aged frat boy again.

  22. Gord Tulk says:

    Paul Wells does a good job outlining something that many of us have known for years yet the huge majority of Canadians- especially those west of Ontario:


    He found his conscience I guess. If he has jumped from the laurentian ship Trudeau and the liberals must really be in trouble.

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