02.18.2019 08:51 PM

The only #LavScam questions that matter

Tonight and since this story broke, these are the only questions that really matter:

1. What role did Gerald Butts play in Jody Wilson-Raybould’s demotion?

2. Why she was demoted?

Everything else is noise.


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    Walter says:

    Gerald Butts could have pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould’s to drop (change) charges. Butts resigning could make a good part of the issue go away.

    However, demoting Jody Wilson-Raybould’s is the decision of the PM. Either Trudeau says that he is so incompetent he followed Butts’ orders in running the government, or he is responsible for demoting her and must give a reason.

    There is also the possibility that Trudeau (and possibly others in the PMO) also pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould’s.

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    Gilbert says:

    Full agreement.

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    Tecumseh says:

    If Justin Trudeau has lost control and PMO / PCO is running amok, then a silent coup d’état has occurred. Indeed, foreign elements have achieved near-state capture. While there is time, we must assert our revolutionary right and purge jackals like Iqra Khalid. Better to die as free people than live out our remaining days being harangued by such degenerates.

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    the salamander says:

    .. if solely based on the ‘term salad’ Globe and Mail ‘report’ reflecting anonymous source(s) .. ot would behove MainMedia, pundits, political animals, commenters etc to ensure use of all the four vague interpretations & innuendos the Globe provided.. ie ‘urged’ ‘attempted to press’ ‘pressured’ ‘heavy pressure’ etc..

    If there is factual evidence available, have at it..

    Meanwhile, our money is on the astonishing coincidence that all the ‘players’ in the Lavalin drama, scandal, bombshell, chaos blah blah are equally embedded or immersed (take your pick) Ex Commander Norman criminal trial.. aside of course from mr Norman, ms Marie Henein and the judge.. who it seems in an open court has already remarked on the obvious signs of COLLUSION between the Prosecution Office and the PMO

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    the salamander says:

    .. and remember too..
    Power Play interviewed Jagmeet Singh in Burnaby last night, yes.. February 18 – 5:40 PM – live to air on CTV – and he said while seemingly exressing he had just become aware Butts had resigned, so loud and clear my head snapped around.. ‘Trudeau fired her’

    CTV ? No objection, correction or comment from the interviewer (woman with shaggy shoulder cut blond hair.. perhaps a holiday fill in) – Accuracy is no longer important in MainStream Media.. A specific comment Bob Fife made life to air was filtering into other network reports within 30 minutes.. essentially verbatim. That’s what I call ‘cut and paste’ lazy ‘new journalism’ .. echo chamber amateur. We see it and hear it are fed it all the time now. Political panels are so often filled solely by highly partisan Public Relations agency ‘experts’.. wonderful .. Denise Batters shrieks ‘Chaos’ .. the sky is falling .. oh deary me ..

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