, 03.14.2019 06:07 AM

Innisfil, Ontario.

This photo, more than any poll, makes me feel that this government is going down.

And this, finally, is why.


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    the salamander says:

    .. ourselves await the Norman Criminal Trial.. You know, where that legal exempler Ms Henein pries Scott Brison from the warm embrace of his family (and his sudden new career at BMO re their 1/2 billion$ investment in a certain dilbit pipeline, Canadians now own, purchased during his Ministry & seemingly tied into Lavalin as well) to explain his role & no doubt the contents of his communications re the Norman Criminal Trial.. with ALL THE PLAYERS currently engaged re the LAVALIN CONUNDRUM

    Any vaguely interested observer will be able to overlay & map the behaviours and roles of the various players who of course were in identical positions when both events (naval procurement & Lavalin & hey! A pipeline expansion!) were being shaped and enacted. It can flow either way in fact.. one can draw conclusions based on evidence or clear logic.. instead of MainMedia’s ‘anonymous insider’ hearsay and ‘polarization for the nation’ speculations or fabrications – built on supposition or partisan presumption.

    We still maintain BTW.. that endless polls are the new cottage industry for and of.. lame, lazy Mainstream & partisan Media or pundits. We’ll check our vaults for Marshall McLuhan’s views.. blend a little Hunter S Thompson in.. and get back at y’ll.. but for now, polls seem to be sugarcoated, bite size breakfast edibles flavored with synthetic marijuana essence. They get you high for a few moments of elation or desperation.. and may have side effects triggering hysteria or anger. There is no chance that consuming more will bring on a useful or lasting state of ‘political grace’

    PS.. We also note how ‘news’ of Omar Khadr purchasing a similar strip mall is being weaponized for votes and polls. That unsuspecting mall tenants are ‘collateral damage’ to boycotting is disgraceful. Again an example of how media whether Mainstream or hysterically unhinged a la Rebel Media.. fails or can screw Canadians. Whither ‘political grace’ ? Or ‘the better angels of our nature’ ? ?

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    Mecheng says:

    I’m upset about JWR, but what really gets my goat is that gas is 119.9 in Calgary.

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