03.04.2019 04:31 PM

Jeepers, that Barbara Yaffe sure has her finger on the political pulse! #TelfordOpEd


  1. Joseph Taylor says:

    Are the clowns that are lined up by the PMO to defend this really this shameless?

  2. Vancouverois says:

    On Twitter, CBC’s Katie Simmons is reporting that Parliamentary secretary Steve McKinnon is saying that SNC-Lavalin is *entitled* to a deferred prosecution agreement. “Our belief is that, this company (SNC-Lavalin) is one that is, like its competitors around the world, entitled to a deferred prosecution arrangement, like they would be able to have access to in UK, in France, throughout Europe…”


    Well, I guess it *was* enacted specifically for them…

    Seriously, do these people have any common sense at all? Or sense of decency? Obviously not.

    Prime Minister Scheer it is come October, I guess. :-/

  3. Steve T says:

    I saw this article, before Philpott resigned, and even then I thought it was tone-deaf.

    I mean, fine, make your argument. But to use the words “look away” in the headline – and not for sarcasm? Eeesh…

  4. lyn says:

    The prosecutor made a decision!! And the law was changed at a later date…this case has been ongoing for a long time SNC is trying to get away with bribery of a PMO’s office. How much money were people paid and was there money deposited into the Trudeau Foundation?

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