, 03.10.2019 06:02 PM

KINSELLACAST 54: Trudeau’s #LavScam confession! Lisa #LavScam hate tweets! Also: our favourite TV shows!


  1. Leasa Janssen says:

    That was enjoyable. I think Jody would make an excellent party leader. As a conservative I was so hoping she’d cross the floor and was disappointed to hear she would stay on with the Liberal Party. Maybe in your next podcast you could talk about Copps and her racist comments toward Ms. Wilson-Raybould. I mean that lady was run over by the liberal bus how many times? Yet, when summoned she emerges out of the dark to make an absolute ass of herself. Anyway, Thanks again, and you have a lovely wife Mr. Warren.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    It will be interesting to see what will happen with Wernick. I don’t favour a firing. What I do support is a good period of self-reflection on his part and him entertaining the possibility of early retirement.

  3. not 1st says:

    A good chunk of profile and controversial cabinet ministers are about to go down in the next election according to canada338 including Philpott, McKenna, Monsef, Kahlid, Gould, Sohi, Long. Plus a lot of faceless backbenchers. I think you will see more leave the fold than ride the ship down with Trudeau. JWR like resigns and moves on to the BC NDP of Trudeau is leading the party.

  4. not 1st says:

    From G&M today;

    “The collateral damage from preferential Chinese purchases could extend to other sectors, including agriculture, where there is significant overlap between what Canada and the United States sell. Both countries are major exporters of wheat, oil seeds, beef, pork and other farm commodities. Both countries also export civilian aircraft to China.”

    This is what this govt has brought us, not tinkering with rule of law, but widespread economic destruction from lack of adult leadership. Freeland is an incompetent child.

  5. Bruce Anderson says:

    From the Georgia Straight…

    “For at Justin Pierre James Trudeau’s hand, the “Trudeau” brand now evokes the very opposite of his father’s leadership. It suggests an intellectual lightweight whose “leadership” is morally bereft, hopelessly incompetent and too stupid for words, directed no less, at the obstruction of justice and in betrayal of public trust.”


  6. Derek Pearce says:

    Hey I caught that “with little green shamrocks besides their names” comment lol ! WK I’m not even on twitter, I might have signed up years ago but have never used it once. My little shamrock is only used as an avatar on whatever comment software your site uses. But I know you were just making a point 😉 …Oh wait, I just caught the part about someone else with two shamrocks. So I don’t even know what that’s about– I guess that a) proves I’m not on twitter and b) you didn’t mean me. All is forgiven. God I’m glad I don’t do twitter.

    Also, there’s this little nugget. Jesus.

    Lastly, I for one am impressed you own signed scripts from the original Star Trek. I just watched The Devil In The Dark after dinner this eve! Have been a Trekkie since probably age 3 or 4. And I freakin’ LOVE the new Star Trek Discovery series. It kicks ass and looks amazing, and I get a kick noticing the Toronto & area locations at which they sometimes shoot scenes. Talos IV was definitely the Elora Quarry where my friends and I used to swim when I went to UWaterloo.

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