03.01.2019 10:52 PM

#LavScam poll: Canadians aren’t happy

From the Star, no less.

Meanwhile, 57 per cent said the situation has “worsened” their opinion of Trudeau, versus 36 per cent who said it has had “no effect” and 7 per cent who said their view of the prime minister has been improved by the situation. 

Results of the poll are considered accurate +/- 3 per cent, 19 times out of 20.


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    dennis mills says:

    Your last paragraph sums it up accurately. Been there don that…

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    dennis mills says:

    Your last paragraph sums it up accurately. Been there don that…

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    Sean says:

    Does Trudeau have an authoritarian personality amongst other things? I don’t know but the PMO sure seems like it: Authoritarian personality is a state of mind or attitude characterized by belief in absolute obedience or submission to someone else’s authority, as well as the administration of that belief through the oppression of one’s subordinates. It usually applies to individuals who are known or viewed as having an authoritarian, strict, or oppressive personality towards subordinates.

    These types are well known throughout history. They’re the bullies, the despots, the CEO’s etc. They’ll take all they want unless we ordinary plebeians rise up and chop them down.

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    doconnor says:

    I’m not defending Trudeau, but it is hard to get mad when you read about how the Ford government is increasing the suffering of the disadvantaged at every turn, on top of trying to manipulate the OPP.

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      Max says:

      So don’t defend Trudeau and be mad at Ford. Why link them at all? Not the time for “whataboutisms” and “look over there”. Stay on point there bro.

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    Gloriosus et Libre says:

    I think it all changed when Canadian parties saw all the hoopla of the leadership conventions in the US on TV. “Hmmm… how can we get that excitement here?” Now leaders tell their MPs “If you want to dump me, fine. But I was elected democratically by the membership a large. You weren’t. Do you have the guts to tell the party membership why you dumped their beloved leader!”

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    Not 1st says:

    Warren in all your years have you ever seen a pm get this personally involved in a single company involved in this level of corruption which now includes a prostitution ring? If it were about jobs wouldn’t the govt just go get a bunch of debt out of the coffers and give it directly to voters in Quebec? Why the obsession with SNC? Most politicians would try to distance themselves from that company. Trudeau has doubled down and crawled in bed with them. Fishy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Engineers can be employed by the dozen other major firms in the country. SNC was even locked into a long term contract for their head office to stay in Montreal

    There is something deeper here. I thought quebec pension fund and Trudeau foundation might hold lots of SNC shares. Those can be divested with the click of a mouse. No this actually might be a company that has personal dirt on Trudeau or his inner circle.

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    Vancouverois says:

    I think they’re afraid to do anything that takes the gloss off the Shiny Pony (even though it’s long gone for many people). Without Trudeau’s previous reputation for “sunny way”, what do they have to offer Canadians? Nothing. All they can do is try to frighten everyone by invoking Harper, who is now long gone (and is actually looking better every day. Whatever you may say about him, I don’t remember HIM ever being accused of improperly pressuring an Attorney General to break the law – and the biggest scandal of his government arose because he insisted on taxpayers getting $90,000 of their money back).

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    Martin says:

    Who makes up the 7 per cent?

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      Housevader says:

      The 7% in this poorly derived sample size are People who are sensible. Trust me when I tell you that polling data analysis in Canada is not representative +\- 5 posts my butts. Remember, this all started when Trudeau demoted the wrong person; a person who claims to represent a complex indigenous peoples. Not a monolithic group. Folks under a boiled water warning aren’t thinking about who the Minister of Justice is, fun fact. Someone who believe That her demotion was a kick in the teeth of all women. And used SNC as a huge club to harm her own party’s prospects.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Sadly, I’ve yet to see a Liberal Stockwell Day. But I have great faith in two women and two men. They know who they are and when they’ve finally had enough, expect to see major push back in cabinet. IMHO, it WILL happen sooner than we might think.

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    Robert White says:

    I would say that the distribution is exactly similar in Ottawa with regard to comments fielded by CBC Ottawa and CFRA commentary from the great unwashed masses. Sometimes polls are less than convincing whereas this poll is wholly accurate IMO.

    Nothing that has transpired over the last few months has had much of an impression on me or my views of the PM & Liberal Party. I personally think the punditry is flogging a really dead horse because federal & provincial legislatures are moving into the summer session at an advanced pace this year. The media punditry is getting in their last jabs for the season to reconcile their value before the next round in the fall. List me one media personality that has really scored a big breaking news story of any lasting value over the last year in Canadian politics?

    It has been a terribly dry year for news of significance that could make journalists feel sated for the efforts of yet another year in Canadian politics of complacency all round from coast to coast to coast.

    I just watched the money laundering documentary on the Panama Offshore Banking where the journalists in Rio were car bombed & assassinated for their investigative work uncovering the offshore players & profits. Canadian journalism pales by comparison.


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    Doug Brown says:

    Does Trudeau have a personality at all? Gerald Butts took a famous last name and conjured up a phony social justice warrier.

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