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    the salamander says:

    .. its an interesting compression or summary
    a tweet to sum up the political life n times
    of Justin Trudeau in twenty one words
    We contemplated it over breakfast

    Highly evocative of two national interest events
    both of them
    hinge aspects of major political tremors

    Overly dramatic was our vote..
    & Nobody died or got scalped..
    counting coup respected
    after a leadership..
    nay, ‘toughness’

    Currently ms Jody Wilson-Reybould
    played her hand.. (Queens n Aces, full count)
    mr Justin pushes a nothing suite bluff..
    shoulda folded.. uh oh

    Summary.. ?
    Welcome back to the ring mr Trudeau
    .. You volunteered, are not a victim

    whack whack.. thud thud
    Trudeau sagging on the ropes
    his fans shout ‘low blow’

    We hopes it was .. hee hee !
    And well deserved ..

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    margaret Beresford says:

    Symmetry, certainly not by comparative analysis! Lets see if we were talking about the other 2 parties that run but are guaranteed never to win (by Bay street-naturally)…So that leaves the only other party viable to win and they did but —the board of CBC News and many others on (Bay street) don’t like the more apparent difference (or lack of symmetry) with the ultra corporate Dumpy Trumpy and Wall street’s control (now) over all..that is worth controlling….

    So, is there symmetry on reporting the differences between these 2 parties…Lets see the Conservatives have a decade long track record and a CBC News documentary on their literally ‘tossed out’ qualified professionals (just because they were what ? Academics –yes and hold your breath–scientists that could blow–a crater thru Harper’s lazy and more dumb-down theory of perception over facts..And so these world-renowned professionals are fired..w/o grounds…so typical no may wee.
    Next we have this asinine tryst about wee-more Neo-liberal Jody and how undemocratic it was to only allow her 4 hours to testify—When Baird saw to it in 2010 see (CTV June ) report on his bullying not only 3 ministerial staffers not to appear–but undermine our democratic House with Harper’s majority to force a ‘barring’ of their testimony to the (get this) oppositions Operations Committee in Parliament….How low can you blow toxic anti-legal and have an entire opposition show they have no ethics or more the moral of alley cats –None of which should ever be allowed (until properly neutered of all such dictatorial notions…Nes pas….?

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    Sean says:

    Mother’s Little Helper

    Trudeau’s different today
    I hear everybody say
    He looks frightful when he doesn’t wear his mask
    He’s a faker and a fraud
    And he thinks that he is gawd
    He goes running for his shelter
    Butt he cannot find his helper

    Sing it!

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