04.04.2019 06:44 AM

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Since www.warrenkinsella.com got its spiffy web design, we’ve been running a CBC News RSS feed at the top and bottom.  Lately, however – and as quite a few of you noticed – CBC’s RSS feed has been slowing down the website’s loading to a crawl, so we switched it all over to CTV.

Given that Lisa and me are paid Bell Media commentators, this only makes sense.  And, when you consider the PMO-coddling, JWR-hating #LavScam fucking horseshit coming out of CBC commentators – with the sole exception of Andrew Coyne and Robyn Urback, that is – it also makes me happy.

So, welcome CTV.  See ya, CBC.

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  1. 416Firearmsowner says:

    Can we filter out Glen McGregor and Joyce Napier?

    • Steve T says:

      Agreed. They are both relatively-recent additions to CTV, in a “senior commentator” role, and in both cases I wondered how in the heck they qualified for those titles. If I’d been a CTV reporter for a long time, I would be somewhat bitter at being leapfrogged by those two.

      • 416Firearmsowners says:

        Glen the garbage man…saw him at a party full of 20/30-somethings. He was drunk and smashing wine glasses. What a sad little man.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    Just saw on the noon news Philpott’s CBC Radio interview. It was extraordinary. She’s so well spoken. And with no malice she just calmly and factually skewers the govt. I recommend everybody give it a listen/watch it.

    • Jim R says:

      It there’s a star in this debacle, it’s Philpott. She didn’t have a dog in the fight. She could have stood on the side as an observer, but instead she took a stand on principle. A stand that would gain her nothing, but rather would come with significant cost to her.

      Philpott has more integrity and dignity in her pinky finger than her former colleagues have collectively.

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