04.04.2019 07:09 AM

Dead Cobain, 25

So. Cobain. 25 years. In truth, I never considered them a punk band – maybe they were at the start, but not when they all became millionaires.
Anyway, RIP. Drugs are fucking stupid.


  1. they were never punk, and that’s fine

  2. John Matheson says:

    He invented a guitar sound which cannot be denied, and which does not compromise.

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    Didn’t he also have chronic stomach/intestinal problems too though? Believe me that can affect your mental health. I still remember like yesterday when he died and Nirvana’s music was blasting from every apartment window when I was in the courtyard of the co-op residence I lived in on Phillip St. in Waterloo. RIP.

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