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Justin Trudeau: feminist, indigenous champion and ethical paragon

Not. He’s a liar.

And the government he leads are idiots. They’ve made these two amazing women into national martyrs, they’ve made them even more compelling, and they’ve ensured the story will stay alive for months. They’re the least-capable PMO in the country’s history.

What a fucking farce this is. And they actually seem to think it’ll end their problems.

Their problems are only just beginning.


  1. Vancouverois says:

    What was it that Churchill said? About this being not the end, but maybe the end of the beginning?

    And what about Jane Philpott?

  2. Mike Jeffries says:

    Listening to him speak, I’m appalled… like the dictator he most admires he speaks; not with strength but with fear! And the arrogance he tells me, a Canadian, what I want is the most galling. He knows what I want? Chilling it was and stupid!

  3. Joe says:

    I have never been so disgusted with a Canadian political figure.

    He must be really scared that something very unpleasant will come out of the SNC trial. I cannot think of any reason why else he and team Trudeau are behaving so stupidly.

  4. Westguy says:

    Wow. Just when you thought they’d stopped digging the hole, someone shows up with a jerry can and fuels up the auger for another round.
    I’m sure she’ll still be on the ballot in October, the question is under which banner (or as an independent). Whatever the colors, she’ll win.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      They BOTH will. I guess they have no recollection of how Bill Casey played out. They will vividly remember soon enough.

  5. Pat V. says:

    One bitter truth is the 6,943,276 who voted the Regime into power can no longer be counted in any serious political discussion.

  6. the real Sean says:

    The permanent damage that JT has done to the Liberal brand today is incalculable. There can be no question that he is the worst leader in the history of the party.

  7. Derek Pearce says:

    Well at the very very least, if they don’t get recruited by the NDP, I hope both JWR and Philpott run as independents and act as spoilers in their ridings. The Party of Justin is going to have to learn the hard way how behaving with absolute dishonour doesn’t pay.

  8. Anon111 says:

    Carolyn Bennett refers to Indigenous Peoples as “those people” in a scrum after the caucus meeting.

  9. Angel Martin says:

    I can’t recall anything like this.

    The only comparable is the implosion of the John Major government, at the end.

  10. Nick M. says:

    I thought the caucus was to vote on this issue on Wednesday?

    Am I wrong? Did they vote on this?

    If they didn’t vote, what would have been the outcome if caucus did?

    • Vancouverois says:

      Some members decided to call an emergency meeting, because they didn’t want to have JWR and JP in the meeting on Wednesday.

      Also, throwing them out on Wednesday would have been bad optics, since it’s would conflict with the message of the “Daughters Of The Vote” event that is happening then (https://www.daughtersofthevote.ca/). Of course, this has only ensured that the ejections will be featured in all of tomorrow’s headlines. Idiots.

      That said, they *should* have been voted out formally. See this thread from Michael Chong…


  11. Luke says:

    It is done. No voting for LPC by me. Or CPC or NDP or PPC for that matter. Very likely Green, unless they can’t find someone worth a damn to run in my riding.

    • Steve T says:

      As much as we are all aghast at the LPC, is voting Green really a good idea? Elizabeth May has enjoyed the luxury of being a sideshow single-issue candidate for her entire career. She may be charismatic, but would you trust her and the Greens as the economic stewards of the country? As the country’s representative on the global stage?

      I suppose voting Green as a protest vote is one approach, but that’s going to deliver the seat to another party in each riding (except perhaps a select few in BC).

      • Mike Jeffries says:

        Agreed. Those thinking about voting Green might get what we have here in BC. Greens propping up a NDP gov’t which is in bed with the taxi vote meaning no Uber in BC despite that the majority of BCers WANT ride sharing!
        Also, Greens causing NDP to shut down Transmountain pipe with BC having the highest gas prices in Canada and North America!
        NDP supporting a money losing car insurance monopoly the most expensive in Canada!
        And it goes on and on… Voting Green: be careful!

  12. Michael Teper says:

    If JWR and JP are not re-elected, anyone want to co-sign a nominationfor both of them as officers of th Order of Canada?

  13. Jack B says:

    Warren, I am telling you there is something deeper in this story. No PM in history would be this inept or go to these lengths to protect this insignificant company. Flirting with criminal charges, and losing the election for what? Now Lametti drafting a DPA to ram thru now?? How could they even float such an idea.

    It all a cover for another story we haven’t even heard about yet. This is somehow at the feet of Trudeau himself. Your sources haven’t gone deep enough yet.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      In a word, N-O-R-M-A-N. That’s their Waterloo, not this, and they know it.

    • Angel Martin says:

      My experience of the Federal Government is to never assume conspiracy when stupidity would explain it.

    • Joseph Taylor says:

      It’s almost like the Conservative attack ad during the last election really were prophetic. This is a prime minister and team that was wet behind the ears, inexperienced and in many cases had not achieved a whole lot of success previously. Being a blank slate for people to project all their aspirations onto is also a recipe for disillusionment as the steak is never as good as the sizzle.

      • Adam says:

        Experience or lack thereof is not necessarily the problem. Some people can have outstanding political instincts with little experience, and in reality, having some people coming from outside the hyperpartisan bubble can be helpful to the whole team in bringing in more perspectives to the table.

        No, the real problem with Trudeau and the Liberals is massive, overreaching, pure arrogance.

  14. Vancouverois says:

    Min. Marie-Claude Bibeau: “If we had done politics like it used to be done, they would have been kicked out two months ago…this is why we say it’s doing politics differently.”

    So, “doing politics differently” means “punishing dissenters more slowly”. Got it.

  15. Hugh says:

    The intriguing part of @Puglaas’ statement on Twitter was
    “More to come…”.

    That may indeed be “other shoe” dropping (so to speak).
    Pretty sure Trudeau and his inner-sanctum are wondering else she has, much like the rest of us.

  16. Max says:

    Muneeza Sheikh. What a sickening piece of garbage. She couldn’t hold a candle to Philpott and Raybould. But to hear her shamelessly tear them down, with all of her diva facial expressions. eye rolls and insults to fellow panelisrs on Carole MacNeils CBC Panel… it was too much. She belongs on Fox with all of her fakeness. Just give her a mirror and send her on her way. Garbage TV when she’s on. 3 dressed up as a 9 waving her Law Degree around.Fitting she’s Team Justin.

  17. Shane says:

    Just watched Trudeau’s press conference announcing the removal of JWR and JP on the National Post website.

    What a smug prick. Actually pleased with himself.

  18. Vancouverois says:

    Also, it looks like the expulsion may not actually be legal:


    Interesting. I wonder if JWR and JP can and should challenge it on those grounds?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Well, once out would anyone really want to get back in?

      They need that bunch like they need a hole in the head.

      • Vancouverois says:

        I can believe that they sincerely do want the Liberal party to be better than this.

        Beyond that, I can see how it could be important to have an actual vote on the matter to show that the decision is not unanimous.

  19. Elsie Marley says:

    With respect to George Conway in the good ol’ USA, it looks like Canada has her own shit show in a dumpster fire going on in Ottawa!

    I would literally do anything humanly and legally possible to sink Justin Trudeau and the incompetent LPC MPs who are supporting the removal of ethical and honest MP’s to protect a corrupt PM and PMO and an even more corrupt Quebec corporation. Anything that is except vote for that right wing fundie, Andrew Scheer. Looks like its vote NDP for me, federally. And I am a card carrying Liberal.

    Now that our PM has done everything in his power to ensure that he, the PMO, the Liberal Party, and indeed Canada have international reputations even dirtier than the corrupt SNC Lavalin (and that’s saying something!!), how in hell can you blame the Chinese for using billions of dollars of Canadian canola imports to extort the political interference they require to resolve their own Chinese national’s legal problems on Canadian soil? Now that the Chinese canola market has been shit-canned, I suspect Western Canadian farmers’ aren’t impressed with having their international commodities foot the bill for the PM’s domestic corruption here at home in the service of SNCLavalin.

    Time for the PM to resign along with his coterie of corrupt supporters. It”ll take a lot of bleach to get the stench out of the PMO after his tenure.

    And JWR, and Jane Philpott, YOU ROCK!! Don’t let the corrupt bastards get you down. I feel that I along with millions of other Canadians owe you both a debt we can never repay. Thanks for your integrity and honesty. Thanks for caring enough to expose the depths of the corruption in this particular PMO. Your light will always shine. A truthtelling politician seems like a complete oxymoron, especially in these times, so it makes perfect sense that the exposed, corrupt politicians in the PMO and Liberal Caucus shit their pants and banished the truthtellers. It is ever thus.

  20. Nick says:

    I liked Bill Wilson’s (father of JWR) comment that the PM “has thrown the only two navigators off the ship”. Surely running aground.

  21. Craig Chamberlain says:

    This is the equivalent to a high school custodian using a chisel to chip out an expletive spray painted on a rock at the front of the school – but in this case, it’s Trudeau and his PMO with the chisel and the offending message is the hard and unpleasant truth about him. He has just made all of this far more permanent for the history books.

  22. Kirk says:

    Honestly, I find the whole thing so discouraging and depressing. Two women of integrity, of courage, of conviction are tossed aside because they dared to speak truth to power. Two women who had successful careers outside of politics but entered the fray because they were convinced that they could make a difference. What does this say to people of character who are considering entering political life?

    Man, I am so bummed by this.

    I’m also thinking that if you are a progressive who deserted the NDP to vote Liberal in 2015 you must be regretting your decision. Tom Mulcair would have been one heck of a better Prime Minister than the current occupant.

    • Gyor says:

      Tom would have been a much better Prime Minister and would never have had a DPA law in first place. But I knew Justin was rotten, so I never voted Liberal, I voted NDP last time and will do so again.

    • Martin says:

      I am a Tory who would have voted for Tom as my second choice if we had ranked ballots. For the same reason I actually did vote for Jane Stewart a couple of times locally. You can’t ignore incompetence and blindly vote for your “team” but many obviously did in 2015.

      • Martin,

        We took a chance and giant leap on a breath of badly needed fresh-air.

        You know, the Canadian-way of giving the new guy a chance. And Canadians will render their subsequent verdict at the ballot box. Of that, you can be sure.

  23. Andy von Busse says:

    I’ve never supported the Liberal party, but I’ve always supported ethical people.

    JWR and Philpott have acted in an exceptional ethical manner, one that one would hope all politicians would emulate. Whatever party they end up with, they will do that party proud. Sad to see Trudeau act the way he is, but as someone once said, his intellect is not his strong suit.

  24. Cam Kroeger says:

    As a conservative, I am delighted by the whole chain of events so far. If Justin had any decency he would lawyer up and resign. Kicking JWR and Dr. Philpott from caucus, actually signals he wants to run as PM in the upcoming election! That’s hilarious.
    The only hope the Liberals had was Justin resigning and one of those women assuming leadership f the Liberal party of Canada, and they would have won in a landslide. Ironically, a lot of Canada would be behind them, except a lot of Liberals, who burnt that bridge down.
    The voters will look at them as trading JWR and Dr. Philpott for McKenna and Freeland, and a bunch of fart-catchers.

  25. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    My silver lining: at least Ralph and Chrystia had the fundamental decency to remain silent.

    Mind you, they’re not in the safest Liberal riding in all of Canada.

  26. Sunny Waze says:

    It would seem as though most core Lib voters are not the educated class that the media keeps telling us they are. They really do appear to be like sheep.

    I also find it interesting how at one point Trudeau “condemns” sexist and racist comments about W-R that his PMO started, but now that they’re out of the caucus it seems to be open season on her for his worshipers.

    Also, what did you do to get paddyo’lantern to quit Twitter, and can you do it to more of them? I find Wernicks use of vomitorium pretty apt when it comes to their comments.

  27. Sean says:

    Liberal candidates are in for a very tough ride. They will be branded misoginist at rallies, public forms, wherever they appear stumping for Trudeau. Over and over and over again until the term misoginist is branded into their psyche.

  28. peetee says:

    wadda bout Harper – would he have even allowed these 2 “truthsayers” any avenues to ply their worst – er, their best? Yup, whataboutism runs strong, runs deep!

    • Sunny Waze says:

      I guess we’ll never know because Harper didn’t obstruct justice. In fact, his biggest scandal was his chief of staff paying back taxpayers money for a senator that Harper wanted abolished in the first place. In the end the senator was laughably cleared of wrongdoing.

      And what did his chief of staff say about it:
      “My actions were intended solely to secure the repayment of funds, which I considered to be in the public interest, and I accept sole responsibility.”

      Let’s contrast that with what the Liberals are doing… I guess they weren’t lying when they said they would do things differently than Harper…

      • Kelly says:

        Sorry, Can resist…Trudeau has done one truly bad thing. Harper did at least 70. Here’s the list starting with contempt of parliament and it gets worse from there… https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2015/08/10/Harper-Abuses-of-Power-Final/

        Oh…and most of Scheer’s caucus…including Scheer himself of course…were rabidly loyal members of that “team”. There is a reason people were desperate enough to vote for Trudeau in order to get rid of the Conservatives. Now it’s time to try the NDP.

        • “It’s Harpers fault.” Wash, Rinse, Repeat……

        • Sunny Waze says:

          tldr – but the first one is the one I pointed out and the so called worst of them. Castro Jr has blown them all out of the water with what they’re doing. And the DPA is still yet to come.

          Sure, try the NDP, but at this point they have the same platform as the Libs, just with way more really bad candidates.

  29. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    You know when you get the JC to release the tape, not in transparency’s interest but merely to use as a blunt instrument with which you can smash someone over the head– solely for the benefit of caucus, that pretty much says it all about them.

  30. Steve says:

    Well said Elsie Marley !

  31. brahmabull says:

    Has there been a lower point in Canadian politics?

    One party led by a fatuous, vacuous, former drama teacher without any accomplishment of note to his career before his being elected, other than being the (rich & privileged) son of a (rich & privileged) former Prime Minister.

    Another party led by a former insurance salesman without any accomplishment of note to his career before being elected, and backed by a caucus of similarly unaccomplished simpletons who wouldn’t be able to last 10 minutes in the private sector… despite being the so-called champions of the private sector.

    A third party led by “socialist” who was raised in a bubble as the rich and privileged kid of a psychiatrist, sent to private schools in the US, drives sports cars, wears Rolexes and designer suits and has no experience of the work your average union worker even does.

    A fourth party led by a woman, another “socialist”, without any accomplishment of note in her career, except managing to get herself elected at the great expense of efforts to get other members of her party elected, of whom the grassroots of her own party have a strong dislike.

    And a fifth party, a one-man vanity project, led by a “libertarian” who embraces the very un-libertarian ideas of tightly restricted immigration and plays footsies with racists and their discussions about “cultural values”.

    It’s a disaster. We are headed for break-up. Trudeau can do this because he knows he’ll get re-elected, because the majority of the electorate are complacent. Once he gets back in, expect Western separatism to surge, expect even pockets of rural Ontario to explode. This experiment is not working because we, as a country, are content to tolerate morons and undistinguished persons populating our political class.

  32. Nick says:

    May be time to turn the heat up on members of the Liberal caucus to get them to wake up. From what I could tell a number of them were panic stricken and certainly down trodden after JWR and JP were ejected last night. The inner conflict some must be feeling must be intense wondering who is next now that they realize the consequences of any dissent. Wondering what JT has on them that’s preventing them from standing for the truth? And, what if anything SNC-Lavalin may have on him?

    • Montréalaise says:

      I doubt JT has anything on the Liberal MPs – I think they’re supporting him because they know he got them elected and they want to get re-elected really badly. Lose the next election, and they’ll have to say good-bye to all the lovely perks of being an MP, including the pension plan. Now I think it’s more than probable that SNC has something on JT – why else would he go to so much trouble for the company?

  33. Sean says:

    And what of the dishonourable Sheila Copps? She has the same mentality as many despots. In Cuba one can’t criticize the regime without being visited by the rapid response brigade and perhaps tossed into a political prison. Stalin sent critics to a gulag. Pol Pot executed them. These are the boil lancers whom Copps shares company.

    • Vancouverois says:

      Who cares?

      It’s somewhat gratifying to see her disgracing herself so thoroughly – she’s been making comments that she would have condemned as viciously sexist and racist if they’d come from Reformers back in the 90s – but she’s a has been. She is irrelevant.

  34. Mike Jeffries says:

    So what have these women learned?
    You can speak truth to power but power will win, always…
    Only speaking truth wielding more power can win, but unfortunately after winning, that power can corrupt. A rare human can handle both. We need such a leader please.

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