, 04.21.2019 02:40 PM

KINSELLACAST 60: Trudeau for the Kenney win! The Middle Class is back! Lisa on election 2019 – and Irish punks!


  1. Fred J Pertanson says:

    Nice hat, shame about the face! (with apologies to The Monks, remember the Bad Habits album, Warren?)

    Couldn’t resist.

    Keep it up, Warren, you rock!

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    I think Kenney would have won no matter what as Notley only won in 2015 due to splits on the right and Alberta still remains a conservative province. However if Harper were still PM as opposed to Trudeau, I don’t think it would have been the blowout it was, it probably would have been Kenney by 7-8 points and something like 50 UCP to 37 NDP not 63 UCP to 24 NDP so Trudeau made an uphill battle for Notley an insurmountable one.

    As for middle class, Trudeau did cut taxes for them albeit it was more upper middle class as only income above 45K and most middle class either make less than that or just slightly over, not well over. He did raise the top rate, although I somehow have a hunch his personal taxes despite his bracket being raised didn’t go up. Scheer if smart should ask Trudeau to publish his tax returns like they do in the US. On taxes for the rich, I don’t support the current top rate which is over 50% if you combine federal + provincial in most provinces, but I do think the loopholes need to be closed and also should introduce an inheritance tax otherwise go after those who are wealthy based on lineage, not those who are wealthy based on their own hard work and success and Trudeau falls in the former not latter. My advice to Scheer promise a wealth tax and inheritance tax in exchange for returning the top rate to 29% from its current 33%. Inheritance tax would only be on inheritances over a $1 million excluding farms (want to preserve the family farm and many are worth more than that), while a wealth tax would be on over $5 million and would exclude primary residence (In Vancouver and Toronto, many seniors have expensive homes due to skyrocketing housing prices, but aren’t rich). Also drop the lowest bracket too as it is 15% and when you combine provincial and federal taxes, those in lowest bracket pay 20-25% to the government so this should go down as budget permits.

  3. Marg Lecuyer says:

    Hi Warren, I love all your commentaries and I would like to thank you for responding to my message I sent you, I realized that I sent you the wrong twitter account for me,my name is Marg Lecuyer and Twitter has me blocked from you .. my twitter is @munch289..please unblock me I truly miss reading your feed

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