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Nazis? Just when you think he can’t get any lower, Trudeau does

“Dirty Jew.”

It’s the Summer of 1986. The place: Caroline, Alta., just outside Red Deer.

The slur has been uttered by Terry Long, the “High Aryan Warrior Priest” of the Canadian branch of the Aryan Nations. I’m at the fenced gate leading to Long’s acreage. On either side of me are Meir Halevi and Irv Rubin — the Canadian and American leaders of the Jewish Defence League.

And Long has just called Rubin “a dirty Jew.” One of his followers, holding a rifle, laughs.

It’s a couple years later, Canada Day weekend 1988. I’m in Minden, Ont., at night, outside the rural property of John Beattie, one-time leader of the Canadian Nazi Party. A hundred or so neo-Nazi skinheads have gathered at Beattie’s property — for a cross burning.

As the cross is set alight, I can hear a hundred young voices shouting, their voices echoing through the woods: “Sieg heil! Sieg heil!”

Hail victory.

And now, it’s many years later. Things have gotten worse. A lunatic is in the White House, one whose very first promise was to bar Muslims from the United States. Far-right “populists” are seizing power all over. Racist and anti-Semitic crimes are surging, around the globe.

And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just suggested his principal opponent,  Andrew Scheer, is in league with white supremacists. Or neo-Nazis. Or both.

“The Conservative leader refuses to denounce white supremacists!” Trudeau yells in the House of Commons. One of his ministers follows suit, and says that Scheer is “associated” with a neo-Nazi leader. Another minister says that Scheer “shares platforms” with white supremacists.

None of these things are true — Scheer has repeatedly denounced white supremacy in the House, and is in no way sympathetic to neo-Naziism. But it doesn’t matter.

The Liberal government, desperate to move on from the Lavscam scandal, has landed on a repellant strategy: brand the Conservative leader a Nazi sympathizer.

It’s dishonest and it’s despicable, but Trudeau is also undeterred. The Liberal leader is double-digits behind the Tory leader, some polls suggest. He is frantically attempting to change the channel from Lavscam.

But what Justin Trudeau is doing is dangerous. And it’s bad for the very minority communities Trudeau professes to support.

Here’s why.

This writer has been writing about, and researching, and opposing, the racist right for more than three decades. I wrote a national bestseller about subject, too, called Web of Hate.

I helped, along with my wife Lisa and others, get a Holocaust-denying newspaper barred from the postal system, and pushed to get its publisher and editor convicted of promoting hate against Jews and women (their sentencing is next Friday in Toronto).

So, take my word for it: Andrew Scheer is no neo-Nazi. I’ve gone face-to-face with real neo-Nazis — Hell, that one in Caroline, Alta., jammed his rifle into my chest — and what Trudeau and his party are doing is so, so wrong.

Suggesting someone like Scheer is a Nazi minimizes the actual crimes of actual Nazis, such as Adolf Hitler. Suggesting a political opponent is a white supremacist makes it harder to identify and oppose real white supremacists.

And, most of all, it trivializes the suffering of real victims of Naziism and hate. It makes people cynical and dismissive about calls to oppose the real haters. And it makes things that much easier for the Jew-hating High Aryan Warrior Priest, or the hundred skinheads screaming Hitler’s name one night. It helps them.

So, what Justin Trudeau is doing is more than disgusting. It is disgraceful.

Because when everyone is a Nazi, Prime Minister, then no one is.


  1. Mike Adamson says:

    I don’t believe Scheer is a neo-Nazi or a white supremacist but anyone paying attention knows that he has not gone out of his way to condemn either. Modern Conservatism seems to attract and tolerate a seedy lot of folks who should be challenged at every opportunity. Trudeau exaggerated but it’ a matter of degree IMO.

    • Paul from Canuskistan says:


    • Campbell says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s important not to let our distaste with the SNC deal allow us to cease calling out the CPC for their dog-whistling and footsie-playing to those who hold these views. It’s not so much that I believe that Sheer’s vision for Canada is completely abhorrent, but that I’d rather elect a leader who stands up to white nationalism but has made some shady moves, than I would one who doesn’t stand up to white nationalism and probably would have made similar (if not the same) moves.

  2. Lorne says:

    I believe your assessment of Scheer was far more accurate. Andy is Blandy.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Michael Harris ( definitely no friend of conservatives) wrote in the Tyee last week that “Andrew Scheer is about as scary as the Michelin Man”.

  3. Lucier says:

    I think Trudeau is on the manic side of bipolar.

  4. Jeanbatte says:

    I couldn’t agree with the author more. JT is obviously getting desperate, and has begun slinging mud. What’s worse, is that there are people out there who actually believe this shit.

  5. Gord says:

    Beautifully said.

    I’ve been saying the same thing for a while about the “racist” moniker that gets flung around with abandon these days. No better time to be an actual racist, because to borrow your phraseology, when everyone and everything is racist, nobody and nothing is racist.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    They have no idea how many Liberal stay-at-homes they’ve created, probably a third of our party vote and growing.

    • Fred from BC says:

      A good observation, Ronald. Some of those who are unable to force themselves to vote Conservative will vote Green, some NDP…but many more are likely to just not vote at all (which only helps the Conservatives).

  7. Arie Intveld says:

    Initially, if anyone disagreed with Trudeau Liberal policies, they were immediately labeled “racist”. Now, with the election looming ever closer, Trudeau himself will label anyone a “Nazi” if they highlight what an amoral, corrupt, privileged twatsicle he has always been. If it’s Nazis for which he is looking, Trudeau need only look within his own cabinet.

    Hysteria Freeland’s “dido” (grandfather in Ukrainian) is Michael Chomiak, who was Hitler’s leading Ukrainian-language news propagandist throughout Greater Germany and Nazi-allied/occupied Europe. Chomiak reported to Volodymyr Kubijovych (Chair of Ukrainian Publishing House and President of the Ukrainian Central Committee). Kubijovych reported to Hans Michael Frank (Governor-General of Occupied Poland). Frank reported directly to Adolf Hitler. Chrystia Freeland is extremely well versed in propaganda, courtesy of her “dido”. She is also a raving Russophobe as well as a George Soros bag-licker but that’s a tale for another time.

    The point is that Trudeau is now beyond desperate and all he is capable of is projecting the disgusting behaviours of himself and his cabinet.

    • Mark says:

      You are verging on calling Freeland a Nazi. Not good form. In fact, to quote WK, “when everyone is a Nazi, then no one is”

    • The Doctor says:

      Arie, your second paragraph could have come straight from the Russian Internet Research Agency. Just sayin’.

      • Lance says:

        Is it wrong?

        • The Doctor says:

          George Soros bag-licker? Christ, that’s right out of The Breitbart comments section. And yes, it’s wrong to see George Soros as some baleful Svengali, akin to the way anti-Semites used to portray The Elsders of Zion.

      • Arie Intveld says:

        So the take away …. keep calm and blame the Russians? Those dirty bastards!

        Opprobrium demands scrupulous fact-checking (and no, not via John Helmer or Rabble .ca). Just sayin’.

  8. Hugh says:

    It would appear that the CBC is doing it’s faithful duty (at the PMO’s request?) as well.

  9. Steve T says:

    For quite some time, crying “racist” has been the jump-the-shark moment when the accuser has nothing else legitimate to say.

    Eventually, you get a knee-jerk reaction like they did in the U.S.. Fine, you want to call everyone you disagree with a racist? We might as well elect a real racist.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Eventually, you get a knee-jerk reaction like they did in the U.S.. Fine, you want to call everyone you disagree with a racist? We might as well elect a real racist.”

      Exactly what I (and others) have been saying for years now…and not only do they refuse to admit it, they actually *double down* and start spewing BS about how millions of racists elected Trump and are now “emboldened” and planning the next Race War and “oh please send us money to fight this outrage!” (etc, etc). So predictable…and so doomed to failure…

  10. David Young says:

    This PM has done nothing if not cozy up to terrorists.
    Kadr payout can be debated but there is a pattern from India to ISIS.
    And the bribes Lavalin paid out? Where does anyone think that money went? To regimes that discriminate against women and gays to start..

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Where does anyone think that money went? To regimes that discriminate against women and gays to start..”

      Good point, I hadn’t considered that. Not very ‘progressive’ of them.

  11. Roger B says:

    “Suggesting a political opponent is a white supremacist makes it harder to identify and oppose real white supremacists.” This is a very, very important point. One reason Donald Trump won is because left-wingers painted people Mitt Romney etc as misogynists, woman-haters, racists so on. Don’t have to be a fan of Mitt Romney but calling him racist, misogynist is ridiculous. Once a real misogynist and racist showed up on the ballot, those terms had very little meaning anymore. Same thing could happen here.

  12. Pedant says:

    I don’t think “Nazis” is where the Liberals really want to go.

    For which party’s leadership did Ernst Zundel run?

  13. Montrealaise says:

    More bad news for Trudeau: the Federal Court has ordered the lobbying commissioner to review his vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island.
    Trudeau brings to mind a cornered rat: they get very vicious when they get desperate, and right now he is looking increasingly desperate

  14. PK says:

    Well they lean that way with all the fake news and grass roots harassment – They use social networks to harass private citizens in daily life – not just for being a different ethnicity, but for sharing informed opinions in private – They really are out of control –

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