04.03.2019 12:11 PM

The fake feminist, exposed

…and this is just the start, you phony SOB.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Just the beginning. Someone politically sentient already would have figured out that each day can only be worse than the last…and so it goes, right up to election day.

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    Kinsey says:

    Warren, how likely is it that between now and the election, the contents of affidavits sworn by several women alleging sexual misconduct by Justin Trudeau (if not the affidavits themselves) will surface?

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    Sean says:

    He’s a liar with a highly seductive persona. Like a vampire, whom you’re not suppose to look into it’s eyes, the Imposter has a similar effect. Try looking away from the visual and just listen to him. With hearing more in tune, you begin to notice things. Most good liars try to follow a narrative that boarders on something truthful. Trudeau attempts this, but his comments betray him. Listen to his” um, um, um ” a tell tale sign that he’s creating something in order to escape.

    The pressure won’t end because too many influential people are on to him and are kicking his ass.

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