04.01.2019 05:02 PM

We get letters: some folks didn’t like this morning’s fun

This year’s April Fool’s joke – found here – tricked two popular radio hosts, a brilliant campaign manager, several elected people, and plenty of others. But this response was my favourite.


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    Vancouverois says:

    A credit to your April Fool-ing skills!

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    Martin says:

    As mentioned on another link, I am an annual AF prankster. The writ had just been drooped in 2011. Was having a bit of difficulty coming up with a gag. Had an inspiration in the shower. I am the senior partner at a large regional accounting firm. Also a good friend and the money guy for our local MP. A known affiliation in a business where many don’t like to wear their affiliation on their sleeves. Sent a short and sweet email around at 7:30 before most were in.

    “You will note Phil’s reelection sign is going in above our entrance way this morning. Although it looks permanent in nature, the sign company assures us there will be no permanent damage to the building.”

    My partners went apeshit and, like this guy, put it in writing. Phone started beeping as I was driving in to work. Had to pull over I was laughing so hard.

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    Joe says:

    Uesterday I told people that the Liberals announced that they were going to put Pierre Trudeau on the $20 bill and Justin on the toonie.

    Holy crap did I get a lot of nasty emails! Although three people replied that Justin belonged on the loonie.

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    Luke says:

    Um, overcooked noodles do exist…

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    Martin says:

    I have only been peaking in regularly since just before the provincial election so didn’t see your gag from last year. Funny.


    I did a similar one. Got called a misogynist by one guy. All the never Trumpers freaked out and another guy said I had basically thrown away the almost 100 years of goodwill our firm had built up locally in our community with this move.


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    Sean says:

    Off topic


    How would you, or anyone, debate Trudeau? He never answers the question but finds something in the question to launch one of his preprepared speeches: we’re always concerned about growing the economy etc. I’m curious how a lawyer would handle him.

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