04.08.2019 11:22 AM

Wooot! Facebook bans neo-Nazis Faith Goldy and Soldiers of Odin!

Kudos, Zuckerberg!


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    rww says:

    Yea, he did one thing right Yippee

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    Derek Pearce says:

    About goddamned time.

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    Arie Intveld says:

    Be careful what you wish for.

    If you genuinely believe in the democratic tenets of freedom of expression and freedom of speech, then you have no choice but to accept that you will hear and witness things that offend you.

    I find the ideology held by Faith Goldy, Soldiers of Odin et al repugnant. But I find it even more repugnant that their values are now automatically conflated with those of rational, critical-thinking people who feel a moral duty to speak out against the onslaught of Fabian Socialism that is creeping around the world.

    Facebook, just like the other social media platforms, has been overtly engineered as a global broadcast vehicle for propaganda and vitriol, solely for the purpose of eroding civility and morality. Share that!

    Zuckerberg needs to fuck off, permanently. That likely won’t happen so I encourage every Facebook user to delete their account.

    If you are reliant on social media for engaging/challenging your ideological adversaries, you are already an active participant in the vile acrimony and are part of the very dire problem staring us in the Face(book).

    And BTW, if you are in the habit of locking your doors at night then, per definition, you are already a racist or a bigot or both.

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    Dave says:

    To bad. She was going to share her recipes for Nazi Pot pie.

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