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Copp out

In one of my books, The War Room, I have a chapter called the Scandal Handle Manual. Here’s a bit of it:

None of us Chrétienites hated Martin or Gomery, particularly, but nor did we like them all that much either. Still, every once in a while, I would get really, really mad about Martin and Gomery and what they did in 2005 and 2006. Their legacy wasn’t a happy one: destroying the name of federalism in the province of Quebec; providing lots of ammunition for the separatists at the time of the next referendum; ruining the reputations of dozens of innocent people; and, worst of all, ensuring that millions of voters are even more cynical about political institutions than ever before. There weren’t words, really, to describe the nature and size of Martin’s bullshit. For guys like me, it was easy to get mad about it all.

But we — me in particular — resolved to keep our cool. Be passionate and tough as James Carville had been, sure, but don’t lose your temper. Don’t let them see you sweat. In any scandal, your demeanour is key.

LavScam was important for a number of reasons. It showed that Justin Trudeau lied about being a feminist and indigenous reconciliator (see: he kicked out Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott because they spoke up).  It showed that he lied about his intention to clean up government (see: his willingness to obstruct justice and breach the public trust).  It showed that he couldn’t handle a crisis if his life depended on it.

(see: his decision to use Sheila Copps as his spokesperson).

Here’s some of the stuff Sheila Copps has said on behalf of Justin Trudeau:

  • Copps said Jody and Jane are pus-filled “boils.” She actually said that, many times.
  • Copps, sounding like a Proud Gal, said Jody had an “aboriginal agenda.”
  • Copps said Jody cared more about “aboriginal” jobs than, presumably, jobs for white people.
  • Copps attacked the courageous Kristin Raworth, one of the victims of Kent Hehr’s sexual harassment
  • Copps loved Trudeau’s libel lawsuit against Andrew Scheer, which everyone else thought was the stupidest thing in the history of the world.
  • Copps had a poor command of facts (eg. she falsely claimed Scheer recanted after being served with the requisite libel notice – when the Conservative leader in fact repeated the alleged libels, word for word, outside the privileged confines of the House of Commons)

And so on.

The moment that PMO’s Team Op-Ed™ started relying on Sheila Copps to get out their side of the LavScam story, their octopus was cooked.

Per what I said in The War Room, above, using Sheila Copps showed that Trudeau and his fart-catchers were desperate.  It showed that they were lashing out.  It showed that they didn’t have anyone credible left to defend them.

There is one thing worse than using Sheila Copps, however.

And that would be your own Chief Government Whip, someone you made a member of the Queen’s Privy Council, quitting your government in the same week he let it be known he would testifying against you in another corruption scandal – and even showing up at the courthouse to hug the respected Armed Forces leader you tried to destroy.

Top that, Copps.


  1. Chris Haines says:

    Bang on. This whole ordeal makes me wonder if someone indeed passed Sheila the tequila after all. Her words have been so vicious that there is no way a sound mind could have written/spoke them. And the lack of condemnation from Team Trudeau (I refuse to call them Liberals) is sad.

  2. Matt says:

    She also called the brave Kristin Raworth a liar and said Kent Hehr could not possibly have sexually harassed or inappropriately touched anyone because he’s a quadriplegic who has no use of his arms. So I tweeted her a few pics and a video of him clearly using his arms.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Everything she learned in politics, she has chosen to forget. Need I say more? I wonder why?

    I could guess but don’t feel like being sued just yet.

  4. The Doctor says:

    The definitive proof that Copps was a venal, mendacious partisan hack came many years ago — that was when she promised to quit if the Liberals didn’t get rid of the GST, as they had promised to do on the campaign trail in 1993. Then it turned out that “quitting” in Copps-speak meant simply stepping down and instantly running again in her safe Hamilton riding. Zero integrity. Zero.

  5. Doug Brown says:

    I’ve never supported the Liberal party for rational reasons (ex. disagree with their tendency towards centralizing economic and political influence, economic protectionism and many others). Of all the emotional reasons to hate the party, Sheila Copps ranks near the top. She does across as needlessly confrontational, self important and most of all, delusional. In what version of reality was she considered cabinet material?

    • Cam Kroeger says:

      well said Doug,
      forget what is going on now, Sheila was a high-roller in previous liberal governments. and lives and breathes what the liberal brand was and is.

      • Doug Brown says:

        I remember two things for her time as Heritage Minister that should have ended her career:
        1) She made a speech where she said she would stop more condos from being built along the highway in Banff National Park. Obviously she has never been to Banff, which isn’t surprising
        2) I worked for a telecom equipment manufacturer and was Product Manager of a voice mail product. I received a letter from the Heritage Ministry signed Sheila Copps, but probably written by someone else, warning that the GoC might purchase from another vendor going forward as our product only supported UK and US English. Heritage wanted a “Canadian” version with “zed” voice prompts, extra “u’s” in the documentation etc. I priced out the development costs at ~$180K but bid it at $2M hoping that would be a disincentive as we didn’t want to devote resources to such a frivolous customer demand. Not only did the GoC approve the cost, it also signed off on an extra $4M for the reseller to install and train staff on the new Canadian voicemail.

  6. John Matheson says:

    Maybe we should have some mercy on her. She sounds bitter and lonely.

  7. Cam Kroeger says:

    well said Doug,
    forget what is going on now, Sheila was a high-roller in previous liberal governments. and lives and breathes what the liberal brand was and is.

  8. Mark D says:

    For me JWR allegedly having an “Aboriginal Agenda” is a selling point.

    I’m a social and political conservative from a small northern community. Although I’m mostly of caucasian ancestry, some of my family through adoption and marriage along with a number of close friends are of First Nations ancestry.

    I have seen the multigenerational damage Indian Residential Schools have caused to Indigenous Canadians. I believe it is comparable historically to the damage wrought on the African-American community in the U.S. through slavery.

    One of the reasons I as a male conservative respected JWR is because of her ability to overcome differences in gender and culture while presenting an Indigenous Canadian perspective in a manner that was better understood within the wider Canadian community.

    And one of the reasons she was able to do so is because one sensed in her that fundamentally she was an honest and decent human being working for the betterment not only of her people, but of all Canadians. In short, she does not come across as a politician.

    • Warren says:

      You are awesome. And you have said better than what I could. I’m going g to make your words a post.

      • Mark D says:

        Thank-you for your kind words, Warren. More importantly, thanks to both you and Lisa for your principled defence of Jody and Jane.

  9. William R Morrison says:

    The first thing you have to realize about Copps is how amazingly stupid she is. The rest of it just follows naturally. If her father hadn’t been a popular mayor of Hamilton, she’d have had no political career…just like her hero…

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