05.07.2019 01:00 PM

Everyone can be replaced



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    Arie Intveld says:

    As anticipated, Gerry Butts’ new Eurasia Group job still has him carrying water for the Czar of Chaos (George Soros) to help advance the Fabian Socialist agenda. No different than when Butts was CEO of WWF Canada or principal secretary to our neo-Marxist PM.

    The Eurasia Group is tied to George Soros via Lord Malloch-Brown, the controversial chairman behind the election technology Smartmatic (which has caused political debacles around the world, including the Philippines). Lord Malloch-Brown has served as vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute. In 2016, Lord Malloch-Brown, who has been a longstanding advisor of the Phillipines’ Aquinos and the Liberal Party, also became Senior Advisor of the Eurasia Group.

    The road to perdition is paved with good intentions. And so it goes with Gerry Butts, George Soros, Lord Malloch-Brown and the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

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      Arie Intveld says:


      I hope your teeth-clenching, quivering lip retort to my comment made you feel righteous and superior. I think I’m actually flattered at your attempt of applying political psy-op labeling/group ID-ing onto me.

      So by which label or group ID do you identify? And do tell … what exactly establishes your skewed view of sociology and political ideology as being superior to mine? If you’re searching for a divisive and antagonistic “-ist” term that best describes my personal socio/economic/political values, I prefer that you call me a “leave-me-the-fuck-alone-ist”. In short, I see little difference between left-ist and right-ist zealots.

      I cringe every time I witness how good, honest Canadians are oblivious to how they’ve been had.

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    Nick M. says:

    Glad to see he has landed on his feet and has a job only months after his abrupt end in the PMO.

    Right on.

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