05.28.2019 11:48 AM

Free Max Bernier analogy

They liked it over on Twitter.


  1. Jack B says:

    Warren I like your commentary and critique on Trudeau and his cult but you are absolutely 100% on the wrong side if history when it comes to the democrat crazies. Trump is about to send them to the woodshed for a generation. Open borders, unrestricted immigration, socialism are dead issues. So is unfettered abortion up to the 3rd trimester. You are worried about kids in cages but not ones having their lives ended by some razor thin legal argument.

    50M babies aborted last yr. Does that sound rare to you? 50% of these are little girls. How do you square those rights? Max is right.

    This whole horrible thing is about to be put back in the bottle.


  2. Dawn Mills says:

    ‘…porch light of Canadian politics.’ That’s funny.

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