05.12.2019 09:47 PM

Has there ever been a dance as important as this dance?

I don’t think so. A 22 ounce rubber ball dances on a metal rim that is 18 inches in diameter, chooses one direction over another, and an entire country goes wild. Wow.


  1. Dawn Mills says:

    This is why live sports are such a thrill to so many…the roller coaster of emotions…
    4 bounces equals 1 bat flip.


  2. The Doctor says:

    Please don’t confuse an entire country for Toronto or the GTA.

    • Ted says:

      Speak for yourself Doctor. Here in smalltown BC it was the topic in the coffee shop and the pub.

      • Fred from BC says:

        He’s not just speaking for himself. Most Vancouverites, at least the ones I’m around, couldn’t care less (about basketball *or* Toronto; it must be that whole Center of the Universe thing…;).

      • The Doctor says:

        Speak for yourself Ted. Here in Bigtown BC, nobody I know has mentioned this even once.

    • Max says:

      There is but one Canadian team in the NBA. Fans in every province and territory are behind these guys. Yes some late-comers but given the Leafs and the Jays, what’s not to like. The Claw!

  3. Don Johnson says:

    That was pretty cool, I have to say. And I generally hate basketball. But that one sure gets people talking.

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