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Mr. Apology won’t apologize

From next week’s Hill Times column:

Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre, regularly refused to make apologies when he was Prime Minister. In 1984, when pressed by Brian Mulroney to apologize to Japanese-Canadians who had been interned during World War Two, Pierre Trudeau refused.

“I do not think the purpose of a government is to right the past,” Trudeau told Mulroney. “It cannot rewrite history. It is our purpose to be just in our time.”

He could have added another reason, one that would have later had particular relevance to his eldest son: when you apologize a lot, people will expect you to continue to issue apologies – and particularly when it is right and just to do so.

But, this week, Justin Trudeau wouldn’t. He refused.

The occasion was the proposed apology to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, whose life and career had been effectively destroyed by the aforementioned Justin Trudeau and Trudeau PMO.

Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt, supported by the New Democrats, rose in the House to ask that Members of Parliament “recognize Vice-Admiral Mark Norman for his decades of loyal service to Canada, express regret for the personal and professional hardships he endured as a result of his failed prosecution and apologize to him and his family for what they experienced during their legal conflict with government.”

Everyone was in favour of Raitt’s motion. Every Liberal MP voted for it.

But not Justin Trudeau. He had slipped out of the Commons chamber mere moments before the vote.

And he didn’t come back to support the apology to Mark Norman, either.


  1. ffibs says:

    I think the apology should come from the Cons who held back the info that he had Harpers permission. Of course that might revealed that the Harper PMO was interfering in awarding contracts for political purposes.

    • Steve says:

      You DID read that the RCMP did not interview any of the Conservatives as part of their “investigation”, right?

      Had this been done sooner, or at all, this whole thing would have collapsed under its stench a long time ago.

      Or are you just a hapless Liberal troll, doing your best to obfuscate the facts that may your guy and his government look like an entitled, petulant train wreck?

    • Conservatives did no such thing, and in fact Marie Henein probably got the charges stayed as a result of directly interviewingConservatives after Liberals refused to release the relevant documents which Harper had keyed for release!

    • Lance says:

      The whataboutisms are strong with this one.

      How about he apologize because its the right thing to do instead of blaming the previous government? Of course, we should have known that an apology from The Narcissist when it isn’t politically expedient will never happen, unlike on so many other occasions when it was.

    • Glen MacInnis says:

      The Cons withheld the info? More disingenuous spin from the Trudeaupians. Face it. Justin Trudeau is a fake, he’s a thin skinned clown. He is on the opposite side of the same coin Trump is on.Just because one smiles, and speaks in simpering tones does not make one a nice, or even a decent person, as Justin shows time and time again.
      Though I can’t stand Trump, I’ll give him this bit of credit. At least he’ll come out and have the guts to be an abrasive asshole. Trudeau is that same asshole, yet the mere thought that people may see that of him causes him great rage, and consternation. As if it hasn’t been glaringly obvious for years now.

    • Matt says:

      You clearly have no understanding of what actually happened here.

      Harper waived cabinet confidentiality to any and all documents Admiral Norman’s defense team was looking for.

      The TRUDEAU government refused to hand them over.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        In short, the real question is did the previous government want Davie in the running after Irving got the contract? If the answer is Yes, they are no better than the Liberals on this file. Facts are never blue or red facts, period.

  2. ffibs,

    Yeah. Guess in whose riding Davie is in? And can you tell us for who company staff used to work for? Best answer gets you a ride on a jackass!

    Conservative brilliance at work.

  3. No, no. Got it all wrong…it went over boffo box office with funeral home clientele.

  4. Max says:

    Fib, “held back”? What was “held back”, who requested it, who didn’t comply? And what were the repercussions for “holding back”?
    And hey, as the incoming government, wouldn’t Justin not have access to all of that information and copious files and contracts? And wasn’t Michael Wernick the top dog in the PCO that spanned both Harper and Justin? Fib, if the shoe fits. Fib indeed.

  5. Karl-Milton Marx-Friedman says:

    Pierre Trudeau knew that an apology on behalf of someone else’s actions was foolish, and without consequence or teeth. His son has taken the opposite view, not admitting his own mistakes which as a mea culpa would have had a greater impact now and in the best future. Not t sure that Justin Trudeau did anything wrong though as He might have known about the prosecution before it went live BUT that doesn’t mean there was no justification for prosecuting someone who leaked about a military contract…Ah who cares honestly; there are still steel and aluminum tariffs folks, when is that getting lifted?

  6. Joseph says:

    Did he leave the House through a window?

  7. abtrapper says:

    Jr is a man devoid of character.

  8. They are all the SAME those fuckers. Funny how legal counsel goes up against the Canadian government and suddenly, as if by magic, a personal income tax audit is suddenly in the works. Has happened to a lot of lawyers I know between 2006 and 2019.

  9. Max says:

    Fibbs, is that you Katie? C’mon, stop messin’ around.

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