06.04.2019 09:28 AM

We get letters: another fan writes in


  1. Crazy Larry says:

    hehehehe, sounds about right, especially the unbearable part, maybe you should work on that?

    I thought your band name was SFH, not STI? WTF is STI anyway?

  2. Pipes says:

    Hmmm seems you hit another nerve.

    Ya well you have nice hair 🙂

    Do a top ten list, I love the stuff from these sniveling little cheesie stained, meat loaf waiting cowards.

    Please do a top ten.

  3. Peter says:

    Would anyone like to explain what it means to be “deeply” unbearable? Just asking.

    She can distaste him all she wants, but she should know Warren has lots of friends who are happy to taste him.

  4. Roger B says:

    I too won’t be Scheer, Rempel, nor Akin. Nor Kinsella. What?

  5. Mark D says:

    Apologies for the threadjack, Warren. You and I will never see eye-to-eye on former Canadian prime ministers as I am as fiercely loyal to Harper and Mulroney as you are to Chretien.

    But I would think Conservative and Liberal alike would appreciate your insight on the following:


    I have to agree with Mulroney’s reasoning here. Chretien (and his son-in-law) are the best men for the job.

    I also recall that in past you praised then-President George W Bush for engaging both his father and former president Clinton for a humanitarian mission when there was a need to set aside partisan national politics for the national good.

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