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Straw man


  1. the real Sean says:

    Classic PM Zoolander. Silver spoon in his mouth,
    telling the commoners they shouldn’t be using plastic. Stupid idea. Doesn’t make sense. Can’t happen. It will be announced in 2022 that this can’t be done. Aimed at naive first time teeny bopper voters who think their single vote will save the world but they don’t even know what riding they live in.

    • the real Sean says:

      …forgot the last ingredient for a PM Zoolander policy. Find a first term MP whose previous job was the rodeo clown at the Letterkenny county fair, give them a cabinet position and put them in charge of the file.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I’m not so much in favour of multi-use. To me that’s a red herring. My preference is for easily biodegradable, if that’s actually possible. But I’m no expert.

    • Gord Tulk says:

      Single Use is fantastic. Non-biodegradable plastic is the ultimate recyclable.

      And it is ridiculously cheap.

      The problem isn’t the single use aspect. The problem isn’t even here in North America. It’s in Asia where waste management along the major rivers is a joke.

      Check out the graphic attached in this article https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/stemming-the-plastic-tide-10-rivers-contribute-most-of-the-plastic-in-the-oceans/?redirect=1

      Making someone pay five times as much for a paper straw (not to mention the hassle) in Edmonton isn’t going to solve the problem. It’s putting pressure on those Asian nations to clean up their act.

      And any scientist- anyone who has done the research and truly gives a $hit -knows that.

      And that’s what is so infuriating- these virtue-signalling twits are wasting money and political capital on a useless thing when they could be calling out the real culprits.

      • Pedant says:

        I despise this government but I also despise whales dying with hundreds of bounds of plastic shit in their stomachs. Does that make me a bleeding heart?

        And on what planet are thin single use plastic bags and cutlery etc recyclable??

        • Fred from BC says:

          “And on what planet are thin single use plastic bags and cutlery etc recyclable??”

          Both are recyclable. Plastic bags, dry cleaning plastic, bubble wrap etc are recyclable almost everywhere. Most plastic cutlery is also recyclable (check the number embossed on it) but many places can’t take them yet because they are too small to sort efficiently with current technology.

  3. Gord Tulk says:

    The level of disrespect shown the intelligence of the intended audience by this move is disgusting. The timing – post-election- of it despicably shallow and hollow.

    One can only think that they have polling showing significant support bleeding to the Green Party (not unlike the millions of Obama voters who voted for trump) and this a grasping at this straw – pun intended.

    I don’t think it has a hope of working and may indeed hurt the LPC. (It will be something a lot of MPs will uncomfortably have to defend.

    • Fred from BC says:

      I feel the same. This one was aimed at the Greens…what will they come up with to use against the NDP? The Liberals aren’t fooling anyone at this point (after so many lies and broken promises).

    • Walter says:

      Why do politicians always come up with reactionary illogical policies the satisfy a naiive or stupid voter base.?
      Because it works.

  4. BC Guy says:

    Great tweet!

  5. Peter says:

    C’mon now, people. Let’s not talk ourselves into opposing or scorning this just because it comes from him. It’s a very serious and growing problem. I find it much easier to get behind this than a lot of “urgent” proposals to save the planet coming out of the climate change industry.

    • Earloaf says:

      Because most of the problems with plastics in the oceans are constantly coming from third world and second world countries industrializing and not from most first world countries.

      Trudeau doesn’t have the real balls to stand up to some of those countries because we’ve got tight trade relations with them like China.

  6. the salamanders says:

    .. can’t speak for anywhere in the rest of Planet Earth really, aside from North America (where I reside) But.. I maintain we have major cultural issues to resolve. Greenhouse gas emissions and pollution in general.. and at all levels..

    So – plastics !!!

    My question is.. does the generous host WK have a problem with doing away with ‘single use’ plastics.. drinking straws included of course.. That’s a Yes/No question.

    There are many plastics in our car – 10 year old Mini Cooper with 30,000 K. We may decide to keep it for another 30,000 K.. Hell the spark plugs are good for 10 years easy.. I pulled one the other day – spotless. My point ? Those are not ‘single use’ plastics involved.

    I make one hell of a spicy Caesar.. I trained at The Hayloft on Front St.. which evolved from the old Barnsider in Montreal & Ottawa. I use a spankin shmeckin garlic pickled bean as a stir stick.. no straw.. heavy salt on the rim. Thus no plastic. Dash o horseradish & a side of 12 PEI malpeque oysters.. makes my day.. My oyster knife is astonishing wicked design, plastic handle.. haha good for 10 years or 25 ? Till I’m 100 & WK still a young stud jammin up on stage.. and a batch o steamed wild picked fiddlehead greens never hurt nobody (unless they foolishly boiled or stewed em)

    So, final point.. what’s the beef ? Why the contraryism from the commentariat ? Single use plastic straws etc etc single use landfill or into our lakes.. get those plastic microbeads in your facial scrubs folks..

    and hey hey.. Jason Kenney, Andrew Scheer, Droog Ford & Justin Trudeau & missus McKenna gonna make sure the buffalo and the boreal caribou roam over the precious tar sands.. once they empty them thar tailings ponds into the Mackenzie River System.. and send it all to the Canadian Arctic.

    Some 98 % of Canada’s energy reserves – ‘all that wealth in the ground’ resides in the TAR SANDS only.. and we gonna get it to Asia and get to The Promised Land of The Alberta Advantage !! And ‘under my leadership’ the Ekonomy will grow non-stop evermore. So vote for that multi millionaire Andrew Scheer eh.. who’s accomplished EXACTLY NOTHING.. despite 10 years of taxpayers covering every expense but Viagra and Birth Control.. for that grinning & girning posturing ‘prairie’ fool & plastic ‘Conservative’ single use drinking straw from Ottawa

    • Peter says:

      Thank you so much for that thoughtful, measured and well-researched perspective. No, really, you’ve opened my eyes and taught me so much I never knew.

  7. Fred J Pertanson says:

    So. JT announces a plastic strategy. Took him 4 years and still not ready – they need to decide which single-use plastics will be included. Note that plastic bottles are NOT included if he follows the EU guidelines, which he says he will.

    So basically, a hollow promise that he will do something about plastics – a year or so after re-election. But it is all virtue-signalling because a key component – bottles – is not included.

    Vote for this guy and Climate Barbie – NOT.

  8. Mecheng says:

    If he’s going to get rid of single use plastics does that mean no more free needles and condoms? I think those qualify as single use. How about diapers? Feminine hygiene products? Wrappers on food? Will doctors have to use their gloves on multiple patients?

    Does JT think before he opens his mouth?

    • Pedant says:

      Oh yes, the always intelligent “let’s do nothing about anything that we can’t solve 100%”.

      Obviously condoms have no substitute (aside from abstinence) and serve a life-saving purpose. Can’t exactly say the same about plastic cutlery.

      Focusing on bags, cutlery, straws, product packaging to reduce plastic waste by 50% (or whatever) is better than bother and reducing it by 0%.

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