06.10.2019 11:21 AM

This is actually a bit painful to watch


  1. Jennifer S. says:

    um, er, um, we, uh, um, er, ah …..

  2. Steve T says:

    If the actual answer was as simple as “We use refillable water bottles”, don’t you think he would have said that? This does not appear to be stumbling due to general awkwardness. This appears to be stumbling because he knows he would be lying if he said they used refillable water bottles.

    • Daphne says:

      True. Losing one’s train of thought or stumbling over words happens to all of us, and one could cut him some slack over that. What is most telling here is that he seems to have no good answer to the question, because he’s not doing anything personally to reduce his plastic consumption. In order to avoid looking hypocritical, he desperately reaches for an answer, which turns out to be nonsensical.

  3. Zing says:

    Yes, it sure is! This is Sarah Palin level stuff…

  4. Joseph says:

    I say, that was rather cringy wasn’t it?
    It was almost as if he was just not ready for that question.

    Of course the most logical explanation is that he really doesn’t mean any of it, but that would entail that he’s just pretending to care.
    That may be true, but where oh where would one get the idea that Justin Trudeau is just a preening pretentious pontificating impostor.
    No, thar can’t possibly be.
    Now as to the most logical reason for this announcement that has been telegraphed since Saturday, that could be that the liberal insider polls (the ones they don’t publish) show them losing significant support to the green party.
    Just for giggles lets presume that when the returns come in on Oct 21, the seat count shows that even with NDP and Green support that the liberals still need two more seats to have enough votes to pass that first confidence vote?
    Now lets add one more condition that the two seats they need support of are held by two female independent MP’s that got kicked out of the liberal caucus.
    Would their price be readmission to the liberal caucus and having a leadership vote at the next convention?

  5. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    So Trudeau is a #FakeEnvironmentalist also. A real environmentalist would have answered “We use a glass and get water from the tap.”

  6. Ron Benn says:

    Gerald Butts absence from the PMO continues to show, day after day after day. No one capable of writing a coherent script. No one capable of developing a few FAQ answers. No one capable of pulling the strings on the puppet.

  7. Ratt says:

    Lord Facken Thundering Jesus – this clown makes me embarrassed to be a Canadian. Even if his fart-catchers hadn’t prepared him for this question, any semi-sentient, almost evolved, knuckle-dragging troglodytic neanderthal would have been uh, uh, uh quicker uh, uh, uh, ummm thinking on uh, uh uh, their ummmmmm feet. The fact that this part time drama teacher managed to get the populous to elect him Prime Molester is vastly disturbing and the sole reason why I have not voted since. Nice hair tho!

    • Walter says:

      if I understand you correctly. You don’t like Trudeau, so you will do absolutely nothing to remove him.

      • Ratt says:

        Because my single vote is so much more than a symbolic acceptance of the process that put this buffoon into power and will accomplish vastly more than a refusal to participate in the Kim Kardashian Ass Look-like Competition that modern politics has become. And if you didn’t catch the sarcasm, whether or not I vote will have absolutely no effect on the next election.
        But if you don’t vote, you can’t complain! – Most definitely I can.

  8. Gord Tulk says:

    So does his hair product come in a reusable container?

    The idiocy and complications such a ban would cause is a cross between Marx and Kafka.

    A consumer’s version of Darkness at noon.

  9. the real Sean says:

    PM Zoolander experiences garbage differently than the rest of us.

  10. I seriously doubt any of the occupants of Rideau Cottage actually get around to handling water bottles. Just like any other PM.

  11. Fred J Pertanson says:

    That is more than a bit painful to watch. Good God. Our leader cannot even answer a simple question? Where are his handlers?

    You really, really cannot fix stupid.

  12. But it IS painful to watch.

  13. I wonder how many sandwiches Stephen Harper made in 10 years, besides the one he made for Mercer?

  14. Fred from BC says:

    I’m happy to see this posted, because this morning just as I parked my car at work a radio host reading the news chose to air some of Trudeau’s speech about “what do I tell my kids about dead whales?” and other nonsense.

    (I’m literally yelling at my car radio that “…you tell them that it’s really sad that China and India keep THROWING THEIR GARBAGE INTO RIVERS, isn’t it???”

    (because by now everyone knows that 95%+ of all plastic in the ocean comes from Asia, right? Everyone except Junior, apparently…)

    So, not a great way to start the day. I go in to work.

    Later, I go out for lunch…and of course CTV NewsNet is playing in the restaurant, and now they’re running the video of that same speech. Great. I mumble a few obscenities and try to tune it out.

    But as I drive home after work, a different host on that same radio station decides to play this very same clip of Trudeau attempting to answer this unscripted question, then right afterwards plays some funny music (I think it was the Looney Tunes theme from way back). I burst out laughing….it was hilarious! The day was saved.

    So thanks to our host for choosing to feature it. If, as most Canadians will, you only see the prepared speech you might get the idea that Junior is a serious, committed environmentalist with a well-formed plan to deal with a problem he finds personally troubling…but when you see the rest, you’ll see him as the shallow, self-serving opportunist that we all know him to truly be.

    • Martin says:

      I laughed out loud at that. Tory talking points on this are pretty good.

      “The facts about Trudeau’s “drink box water bottle sort of things”

      When Justin Trudeau was asked about small actions his family has taken to reduce plastic waste in their household, this is what he had to say:

      “Uh, we, uh, we have recently switched to drinking, uh, water bottles out of, uh, water out of, uh, when we have water bottles, uh, out of plastic, uh, sorry, away from plastic towards, uh, paper, um, like drink box water bottles sort of things.”

      Syntax aside, here are the facts about Trudeau’s “drink box water bottle sort of things”:

      “Drink box water bottle sort of things” are way more expensive than normal bottled water: A 24 pack of Boxed Water is Better sells online for $44.96 USD. By comparison, a 24 pack of Nestle is currently on-sale for $2.50 CAD at Loblaws.

      But, nothing is cheaper than good old-fashioned tap water! At the price of a 24 pack of Boxed Water is Better, the Trudeau family could easily afford a top of the line Brita filter.

      “Drink box water bottle sort of things” are actually less environmentally friendly than plastic water bottles: According to the Alberta Bottle Depot Association, boxed water containers are less recyclable than plastic water bottles, and that consumers are more likely to recycle plastic water bottles than boxed water containers.

      Trudeau hasn’t entirely switched to “drink box water bottle sort of things”: Just like how the Trudeau Liberals jet-set around the world to photo opportunities at international conferences, while at the same time lecturing families using a car to commute to and from work, it appears Justin Trudeau’s environmentalism is Not as Advertised.

      SOURCE: https://twitter.com/tibollonicholas/status/1138153144616148992

  15. Michael Teper says:

    Prime Minister Soggy Bottle.

  16. Jim Keegan says:

    I hope to see this 23 second clip run time after time in the upcoming election campaign. It would be a far more effective ad than anything the Tories’ marketing strategists could come up with. Plus, it’s free, compliments of Justin!

    • Fred from BC says:

      ” I hope to see this 23 second clip run time after time in the upcoming election campaign”

      Absolutely. It’s an instant classic.

      “Plus, it’s free, compliments of Justin!”

      That too. Like you said, you couldn’t even pay someone to come up with anything this good.

      Keep talking , Justin!

  17. Sean says:

    More of the same from the Imposter

  18. Max says:

    Could it be Sophie and the kids saw a dead whale whilst visiting the Aga Khan and Gerry Butts wasn’t there to write out the script for the dad? Or perhaps Trudeau hisself saw the ghastly carcass and experienced it differently?

  19. OFF TOPIC: But I hope Warren will post on this:

    If my name was either Nancy or Chuck, I would quite deliberately bottle up CUSMA (USMCA) and hold it hostage until Trump comes up with an acceptable immigration package, that House and Senate Republicans would have to support. It would include a permanent DACA and TPS fix.

  20. Ratt says:

    Feel the plastic with your hands
    (Straw the plastic while you can)
    Straw the plastic on your own
    (Straw the plastic all alone) spoonman
    Strawman, ban plastic with your hands
    Save me, I’m waterbottle with your plan
    Save me, yeah
    Save, oh
    Well, all my friends are Indigenous
    (All my friends do as they’re told) strawman
    And all my gropes are skeletons
    (I can the women with my phone) strawman
    Oh, hmm
    Strawman, ban plastic with your hands
    Save me, I have no energy plan
    Save me
    Save me
    Save me, yeah
    With your
    With your hands
    With your hands
    Come on,…

  21. Pedant says:

    Reducing single use plastic is good policy unless you desire more dead whales with a hundred pounds worth of plastic trash in their guts. Obviously the Liberals unveiled this in an attempt to win back Green voters, but sometimes political expediency overlaps with good policy.

    • Warren says:

      Sure. If they do it. EU did it long ago. Why did Trudeau wait until weeks before the writ drops?

      • Gord Tulk says:

        The EU is regulating itself into extinction.

        Plastics in the ocean are an Asian and developing nation problem.

        Banning SUPs in Canada is worse than doing nothing.

        • Fred from BC says:

          “Plastics in the ocean are an Asian and developing nation problem.”

          It was proven years ago that Asian and Africa are responsible for over 95% of it. I don’t mind efforts to reduce their use, strictly from a litter standpoint, but an outright ban is ridiculous (especially of plastic bags, which serve a useful purpose and are nowhere near as harmful as the eco-weenies would have us believe).

    • Ratt says:

      And you actually have the bona fides to convince people you are actually sincere about the policy not some silver spoon socialist who tells the people what is good for them while sucking back $300/month of plastic bottled water and appointing women to positions of power because he thinks they will react the same way the fauning bleach blonde bimbo groupies that have followed him all his life do. Bring the rage JWR & JP and show the country just what a petulant child in short pants he is.

  22. Leo Fleming says:

    Why is that not an ad on the Raptors game 7 loss? Paid for by the Greens.

    You would only ever have to play it once.

  23. Leo Fleming says:

    blow the budget and make it a minute
    green trees in the background bleed the whole screen green
    he looks like a cartoon balloon you would see blown up at the superstore on kids’ day
    Mr Hairdoo

    • Fred from BC says:

      I almost felt bad for Michael Ignatieff when they PhotoShopped him into a park wearing a flannel shirt.


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