07.11.2019 10:39 AM

Gay conversion “therapy”


  1. When they are scared shitless of a backlash from party members, that says all you need to know about their SUPPOSED leadership.

    Leaders don’t cower behind their membership — or their respective caucuses — for that matter.

  2. Robert White says:

    In terms of Behavioural Modification that is utilized for ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’ it is more aptly described as torture in that no homosexuals could possibly be willing participants and therefore they are being forced to participate against their own will which makes any sort of ‘conversion therapy’ an act committed without the requisite Informed Consent which automatically renders the so-called ‘therapy’ an illegal act.

    The American Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders de-pathologized homosexuality way back in the late 80s. Canada ain’t hip, man.


  3. Luke says:

    Yep, this one pisses me off. Scheer et al would not care though, on account of I’m not their demographic, being not conservative and queer. A vote they wouldn’t have been getting isn’t one they’d worry about losing…

    • Gord says:

      That’s probably true, but they *should* worry about losing the votes of people like me – fiscally conservative but socially liberal middle- to- upper-middle-class professionals (once upon a time I would have been called a Red Tory) who are fed up with Trudeau and looking wildly about for an alternative, but not sold on Scheer – mostly due to the socon factor.

      • Walter says:

        I think we saw this 4 years ago.

        People deciding to put their trust in an absolute idiot, unless the Conservatives offer a candidate that it 100% perfect.

  4. Gord Tulk says:

    What about those who do addiction interventions?

    What about parents who gender bend their kids even at very young ages? Should we make that illegal?

    I’m not saying GC should be legal but there other abuses out there that are getting a pass.

    • Luke says:

      What an odd comment. Why would we compare addiction interventions to conversation therapy? One of those can be legitimate and important, whereas the other is just harmful and ineffective.

      And they gender bending thing… Is that something that actually happens much, in the sense you describe? And what do you mean anyway? Are you talking about social norms in terms of attire, okay preferences, mannerisms, etc., or actual dysphoria?

      • Gord Tulk says:

        Both interventions are violations of the person’s individual rights.

        Google the la pride parade – 7 year old trans. Rarity has nothing to do with it. I see little difference between what is being done (and public tolerance/acceptance of it) and what Michael Jackson and Epstein and Polanski have done.

      • Mark says:

        “Never allow the likes of Doug Ford, Jason Kenney.. the Oosterhoffs & Trosts or corporate entities.. anywhere near schools”

        Seriously??? If you were in charge, we’d have the thought police taking over this country.

      • Dawn Mills says:

        You, Sir?, are a dangerous reptile. Let the State raise our children since parents can be ‘flawed’? Hell, why not bring back the good old days of Tommy Douglas eugenics and try to create a perfect human?

  5. Campbell says:

    I sure don’t give a shit about dimples, but I care about this.

  6. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    Scheer: “We’re opposed to any type of practice that would forcibly attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation against their will.” And that he is going to wait and see what the Liberal government proposes.

    Clear, unambiguous, opposition to GCT.

    A new organization twists that into a news story with a #FAKENEWS headline saying he is waffling on GCT.

    A shareable #FAKENEWS headline. The Telford circle of misinformation with media allies.

    When the actual fact is that just four months ago Trudeau and his government “washed their hands” on the issue, saying it wasn’t their problem.

  7. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    ABA for autism was created by the same guy who created GCT.

    ABA is basically forcibly torturing autistic kids. There is a whole industry set up around torturing autistic kids forcing them to behave like “normal” people.

    This is occuring on a far more massive scale than GCT, and funded by tax dollars. The monsters go where the money is.

    I have autism (i.e Asperger’s). We are different. We should be allowed to be different.

  8. Dan says:

    For Christs sake people. Conservative wanker religious freaks are the proponents of GCT. Let’s try and keep it real. Liberals are the people who have always pushed back on this crap.

  9. Jane says:

    if an adult willingly goes through this, why should it be the government’s business. It’s not the government’s business if a doctor and patient have an abortion, I think assisted suicide is legal too. How is this different?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      In both instances you cite there is a proven end result. Find me one genuine case of true conversion and I’ll eat my hat.

  10. Karl-Milton-Marx-Friedman says:

    For closeted homophobes, actively attacking/blocking the idea of homosexuality is what intensifies their hatred of that idea in their minds. It’s quite obvious that if I tell you to not think about a purple elephant standing on a tea cup, you just cannot NOT think of that thing right now: it is dissonant. But as soon as you let the purple elephant pass through your mind, it no longer has power of you. Legislating these homophobes out of existence will push them into a frenzied state of religious discipline; further intensifying their hatred for something that they just can’t get out of their minds. Don’t add to religious discipline by using legislation, instead passive acceptance is the way to defeat conversion therapy. The only way to help is to educate and enlighten. Sexuality is not a binary thing. It’s not 100% biological, nor is even close to 100% a choice either; it varies per person which is why letting people figure out their own internal drivers is best: provide the right information in the marketplace.

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