07.15.2019 10:43 AM

In court right now, for sentencing of neo-Nazis

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  1. the salamanders says:

    .. in a way, he’s right..
    but to be specific or blunt.. its really that he knows full well who lead the charge. You and Lisa et al did so, took the risks, had the wherewithal and knowhow.. the gumption & tenacity.. took him down. We live now ina truly litigious world.. appeal, delays, obstructions, further appeal. Patience m’man .. any beacher should step up and applaud, hell any member of any community.

    As the brouhaha over your assignment th The Greens, causes pearl clutching and falling upon fainting couches.. I do point this out, plus your scathing defense of Mrs Philpott and Ms Wilson-Reybould, your stouthearted parenting. Deary me.. some seem to believe you eat children.. haha. Some say you should be.. well uh.. I’m sure you’re the last person needs to be told you’re probably the illegitimate child of Jenni Byrne and Rob Anders. Both presumably younger than you.. so truly an immaculate conception.. but one of the milder accusations on the twitterverse..

    I myself see it as a timely and exellent appointment.. & expedient.. Greens with Teeth.. a rudeboy riding shotgun on their backdoor. I do laugh at the pretense you’ll ‘abide’ .. by Queensbury Rules.. more likely will be Kansas City Rules (Cool Hand Luke)

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