, 07.07.2019 10:30 AM

KINSELLACAST 71: Lisa and Warren on patronage, apologies and booze!


  1. Leasa Janssen says:

    Women in general are attacked for their looks, women of all ages, all races all careers,all the time. But, they are not just attacked by men, women have this tendency to tear other women down. Women can be cruel and show no mercy. The things I’ve seen…. 🙁

  2. JustSomeAnon says:

    You don’t actually need have had anything to drink to have your life trashed by the legislation introduced by the former Minister of Justice.

    “Jimmy Forster is the latest driver struggling with breathing difficulties to launch a constitutional challenge against the restrictions, after the 63-year-old was pulled over twice in his hometown of Chase, B.C. on March 20 without showing any signs of impairment.”


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