07.04.2019 06:39 AM

Mark Bourrie made a criminal complaint against me. Seriously.

The document below was posted on Twitter quite some time ago. Alongside it, Bourrie – a lawyer – wrote: “I don’t bluff.”

I still haven’t been arrested yet, but when I get hauled away, I would simply ask that someone waters my plants and feeds the dogs. Thanks.


  1. bigcitylib says:

    Also this thing:


    Guess you’ll face off in small claims court.

  2. Mike Foulds says:

    Interesting that his phone number is there…

  3. Pipes says:

    Well I don’t know much about the law, other than don’t chew with your mouth open, and what not, but I expect, you will win this and then sue/counter sue….. the shit out of him and put lots of new band equipment funds into your band account.

    If the guy was smart, he’d wake up before he loses a lot of cred and bread. But I suspect it is too late for him now. He’s approaching 60 years old and it is a terrible time to lose money. Oh well, have fun with it.

    Mark there is a better way to solve this. Guitar Hero show down-winner takes all. Don’t worry Warren plays base so the extra two strings he has to deal with will handicap the competition enough. I volunteer as a ref.

    That’s a lot more fun than going to court isn’t it? You and Warren could also do this as a charity event and the two of you might be become BFF’s too. Much better than clogging up the courts, eh what!

    Just sayin……..

  4. Mark Francis says:

    He’s publicly accusing you — via *publication* — of CRIMINAL libel?

    Well, at least he’s handed you a counter claim for Small Claims Court.

  5. Mitch says:

    The most incredulous thing is the complainant’s stated DOB: April 2nd. This cannot possibly be true.

    The allegations clearly prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the complainant’s actual DOB was one day earlier, and, according to the technical rules respecting the date aforementioned, likely birthed before 12 noon.

    Otherwise the allegations and methodology make no sense…oh wait…

  6. Colin says:

    Warren, do you really wanna publish your address? Apart from that — laughable.

  7. deb s says:

    I am guessing Mark is going to receive alot of fan mail, phonecalls and pizza.
    is it just me…or is this Mark guy just interested in defaming you for publicity?

  8. MoS says:

    From what you’ve written about him in the past, just off the cuff I would think you would have an action in malicious prosecution, no?

  9. MoS says:

    You didn’t accuse him of having the clap, did you? Oh wait, that’s another section of the CCC. He didn’t catch you dickin’ his wife, did he? No, that’s also another section.

  10. .. Isolate yourself from any further contact with Mark Bourrie .. Seriously ..
    Zero, nothing, silence.. end of words, comment…
    Walk away.. You do understand how to walk away ?

    As required, be attentive, but from a very safe distance
    and ensure others are equally attentive, or active, on your behalf

    .. Never play games with disturbed people
    or buy into their actions
    there is no upside whatsoever.. only downside

    • deb s says:

      I am kinda wondering that too…like all of this behaviour, stalking, delusions, fixations…could escalate…I would be scared that he was going to go postal.

  11. Ted H says:

    Send someone with an offer he can’t refuse.

  12. Wayne says:

    Crowd source?

  13. Jim Tucker says:

    In all seriousness, this individual is obviously deranged and potentially psychotic; it would be wise to call a mental health car (a police officer who travels along with a mental health professional to assess the mental health status of these individuals who are exhibiting disturbed behavior).

  14. Mary says:

    Yes, no court stamp on it, and more significantly, no INFORMATION, confirmed by a J.P. As it stands, we have evidence that Bourrie filled out a form. Big deal.

  15. Iris Mclean says:

    Warren. Let me know if you need somebody to take care of your P-bass while you’re in the big house.

  16. Surely if it’s not a court of competent jurisdiction, the judge will decline jurisdiction at the hearing?

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