, 07.24.2019 01:06 PM

My tenth book is done!


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    Mike Drayton says:

    Dear Mr. Warren,
    How can I apply for the War Room?
    I have read you for a long time, and disagreed on some and agreed on others.
    I find you to be the most straight-forward middleman in the land!
    I have some serious worries about where we’re headed and need somewhere to see if I can help.
    I’ve worked the past 20 years of my life for a very reputable company, yet know there is more to me that.
    I believe I could help with your message (and I lean Conservative but it’s the smaller c version).
    I voted for PM Chretien not knowing you were behind the message.
    You bring most sane minded Canadians together!
    I would enjoy helping you bring the message of what should truly matter to us as Canadians come October 21st, if you believed I could.
    Thank you,
    Mike Drayton

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      It’s refreshing that you posted this publicly. It attests to your level of ability, your commitment to openness and accountability as well as your self-confidence.

      Wish you the best. Good Luck.

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