07.20.2019 07:28 PM

Next time a Trudeau fan complains about bots, show ‘em this

Three different names, three different emails. All fake.

One IP, attacking anyone on this web site who dares criticize Justin Trudeau and Adam Vaughan.

Sloppy, sloppy.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I’ll say one thing for them: they sure know how to keep busy.

  2. lance says:


    NordVPN costs like 12 bucks a month.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Absolutely amateurish, for sure. That’s how I know that the Liberal Party itself wasn’t involved, just some hapless tool who thought he was doing them a favor; very much like the robo-call incidents that the other parties tried so hard to portray as Stephen Harper’s personal doing (yeah, right). If it has no tangible upside, or is almost guaranteed to fail whether you get away with it or not, it’s most probably not the work of senior party strategists.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I got one of those robocalls sending me to the wrong polling place but I had already voted. I knew it was party monkey business, not government monkey business.

        • Fred from BC says:

          That’s because you’re more politically savvy than most, Ronald.

          (most wisdom comes with age, or so I’m told. …still waiting for mine…;)

  3. Fred from BC says:

    I would agree with that. The Greens, for the most part, aren’t built for this….and the NDP, like the Liberals and Conservatives, have enough feisty characters of their own.

    (I was about to say “assholes of their own”, but didn’t want to be misinterpreted…)

  4. Bill Malcolm says:

    Well, my wireless provider has a counter-spam service for texting, or so they say. Seems to work. You merely forward a text to a certain number, and they handle it. Never been spammed twice by the same idiot.

    So when I received an unsolicited Con Party text two weeks ago, “asking” for my support in the forthcoming election, it was with the greatest of pleasure that I forwarded it to the spam service. I’d do the same for any party. Bugger off and do some real work. Not that a Con or Liberal would get listened to at my front door in any case. They shot their bolts with me decades ago. May on the other hand, well yeah. Okay. Not 100% on board with the policies, but hell, you have to start somewhere and everyone else is either inventing lies or flat out wandering around in the void. Let’s get serious, shall we? Not much time left.

  5. MF says:


    Look at the postal code. That’s a very specific area.

  6. Marcus says:

    lance :
    well actually it’s cheaper https://nordvpn.com/coupon/deal/?coupon=salenord

    but yup, amateurs.
    Install a proper VPN be happy, and no one will spam you :/

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