, 08.07.2019 09:26 AM

KINSELLACAST 75: Lisa, Warren and Spin Twins on the invisible election, bad ads and political stuff!


  1. Steve Cor says:

    Mango Mussolini!! LOL…I love it. I wii try to use it frequently even though I kind of like The Orange Ogre.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    The fact that we all know Justin groped a journalist doesn’t change the fact that Andrew Scheer is awkward AF. Both things are true lol. Scheer has his work cut out for him. (I’m voiting for neither).

  3. Seb says:

    R U a Canadian or R U a Liberal?

  4. Seb says:

    Actually made Corruption Great Again!

    There I fixed it for you.Th3m

  5. Kenny Dalla Vicenza says:

    It should be “Made Canada Grate Again”.

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