08.02.2019 09:17 PM

#LavScam in the Wall Street Journal

And Trudeau could lose over it.

And, God Almighty, he deserves to lose over it.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould says she remains puzzled by the pressure Mr. Trudeau’s office placed on her. “I know that there was a huge lobbying effort by that company,” she says. “But the motivations for the prime minister or all of those people that engaged with me in the way that they did? You’d have to ask them.”


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    the real Sean says:

    Culpability for a scandal would require a level of understanding / intellectual impetus from the person assumed to be the ring leader. Ex: Nixon, Clinton, Mulroney etc… We can all agree that these men are at least capable of being behind a scandal. The problem with attaching PM Zoolander to something as complex as the SNCL scandal is that no one thinks he understands what happened or why it was wrong… It is generally assumed by political people and the electorate that bureaucrats and partisan hacks run this government in place of this fake / cardboard cutout PM. This is why the SNCL scandal probably won’t be attached to PM Zoolander – we all know he is just doing what he is told by some very smart people and probably will never ask any questions about anything from anyone, ever.

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    Douglas W says:

    Mr. Real Sean: respectfully, I disagree. JT is no dummy. He knew what was happening; he knew what was going on. I was astounded, his media conference at, of all places, a Winnipeg bus terminal, where he literally threw JW-R under the bus with the comment: “Judy, I am disappointed in you.”
    Referring to a senior cabinet minister, as “Judy”?
    I hope the Lavscam bites the PM in the kiester.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Don’t agree with your conclusions. Trudeau is by no means the resident PMO genius but his statement to JWR that “I am an MP in Quebec, the Member for Papineau.” shows that he knows precisely what SNC is about. For Trudeau, it’s all about a political fix and he gets it in spades.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I won’t be voting Liberal because of how JWR and JP were treated. However, JWR doesn’t help herself when she goes the cop out route. We all know she’s got a pretty good idea why interference occurred and it would be politically astute for her and JP to express that. Come on, her statement is too cute by half and nobody is going to believe it.

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    lyn says:

    the real Sean: You are probably right about the PM, but being stupid doesn’t excuse him from what went on during the SNCL scandal. Then you have the Mark Norman scandal which the PM knew about as it involved the PMO. Trudeau can’t keep declaring innocents of all facts…when we know he knows. We as Canadians are NOT stupid!

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