09.20.2019 08:40 AM

BREAKING: confidential LPC talking points on blackface scandal leaked


  • He comes from privilege. He’s rich. Rich people get to play by different rules.
  • It happened long ago. Want to see our Scheer video from a decade ago?
  • All of us have done something egregiously racist when we were kids. You know, at the age of 30.
  • Judge Justin by his record on opposing racism in Canada,even though racism is the worst it’s been in several decades.
  • Justin may have bought her drinks in a bar one night,but Andrew Scheer rode an elevator with Faith Goldy once.
  • Case by case, intersectionality, deeply sorry, blab blah blah.


  1. Joseph Taylor says:

    This obsession with Faith Goldy just shows how out of touch the political elite are. I would bet my last dollar that a solid 90% of the Canadian population has no idea who Faith Goldy even is.

  2. Peter says:

    You forgot “Blame Harper”.

  3. John Groves says:

    “it happened long ago”

    How long ago did he brush off an Indigenous protestor looking for clean water with a “thank you for your donation”? A couple of months ago?

    • Steve L. says:

      Yeah because if he did tell the LPC when he first ran for politics, he knew damn well they would have rejected his nomination. He’s a POS and should have never been selected as the leader of the party.

    • Joe says:

      So he lied then and he’s still doing it.

      Just imagine the abuses of power if he’s re-elected

  4. Shane says:

    Has Trudeau rubbed too many in the LPC the wrong way? No loyalty left, with many thinking he has to go?

    • Chris says:

      Winning is the only thing to these people. They will stick with Justin as long he wins. They will swallow their pride, defy their communities, forsake their friends, anything to get another four years. Anything to qualify for that MP pension plan (6 years of service – many of the newbies Trudeau brought with into Parliament him are desperate for that final two years).

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Welcome to my choir. I also said it ages ago, it’s all about self-entitled pension access, period. That’s the MP WAY in any and all governments, regardless of political stripe. Show THEM the money!

  5. Max says:

    Trudeau continues to do the impossible:
    1) he made the World forget about Trump for one day. He bumped Trump from the headlines. The Donald will not be happy.
    2) he enhanced his chances of being elected by distracting people away from LavSCAM. By replacing it with racism. Gerry Butts is brilliant! And Trudeau has the drama chops to offer up the teary apology.

    For me, I’m focusing on the former Liberal Cabinet Ministers. Is there not one amongst them with an ounce of integrity, sincerity and ethical values? Now is the time for someone from within to step up to the podium and unequivocally condemn Trudeau’s behavior and duplicity. The whole country is watching – he will not fire you. He cannot fire you. Now is the time to feel embolden, to grow a backbone. Or forever explain to your grandchildren why it happened on your watch, and you did nothing. Said nothing but fawning, sycophantic platitudes.

    Lastly, a direct challenge to our current Prime Minister! Now that your blindspot is gone, now that you “get it”, now that you want to be a leader and an ally, there is one thing you CAN do to prove you accept full responsibility and want to do better… make our country a better place for visible minorities! Call for the repeal of Quebec’s racist Bill 21. It would take you and Gerry Butts and Katie T just an hour to draft up the new Liberal “Woke” policy to reduce racism in Canada. Simple. Just gotta have the deeds to match your words. (Warren you have the platform and respect to call Trudeau to this action. What say yea?)

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      With respect, you’re wasting your time. Wouldn’t happen even if their own mother pleaded with them. They really are that pathetic. CPC must be hoping and literally praying that one of those cabinet bozos becomes the next leader.

      • Douglas W says:

        Francois-Philippe Champagne is who the Conservatives should fear. The rest (in cabinet) are duds.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          I’m waiting for his cabinet resignation letter between now and voting day. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. And in that letter, he better explain to Canadians the reasons behind it and why he’s so late to the common-sense party.

  6. J.H. says:

    The media was really pumping sunshine last night about that great town hall out West, especially your pal Glen McGregor. It was full of bused in Trudeau supporters of course.
    Didn’t work that well in the aftermath at street level though.,

  7. Doug says:

    The Liberal Party of Canada is a cult with a Tom Cruise like leader. The spin should be cringe inducing but it seems to be working. The Trudeau brand is unassailable.

  8. Bruce Royce says:

    Justin has a fetish. He is uncomfortable being a white English speaking Canadian. He calls himself a ‘Montrealer” or a Quebecois even though he was born in Ottawa, raised in Ontario and spent many adult years I B.C. He has no culture, hence the endless costuming and dress-up.

  9. Doron Berger says:


    Sadly I think Trudeau is going to survive this. I’m seeing a lot of apologists brushing this off. Give it a day or two, it will be back to business as usual. Sadly.

  10. Krago says:

    Liberals still love Justin. In fact, they’d walk a million miles for one of his smiles.

  11. A. Voter says:

    When a 1984 photo of Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) in blackface surfaced earlier this year, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, ex-VA governor Terry McAuliffe and the NAACP all called for him to resign.
    So Canadians are saying the progressive Democrats who took a stand against blackface were wrong? The NAACP was wrong?
    Why would Democrats call on one of there own to resign over blackface, rather than make excuses for him? Is it because American progressives are really against racism. but Canadian “progressives” are posers?
    Singh has handled this well and there are some opportunities for him to raise more questions.

  12. Max says:

    Trudeau does it again. a 3rd achievement just 2 days ago people thought was impossible! He’s got the “Drama” vote. The entire drama community from coast to coast to coast have pledged their vote to Justin! One of their own has come home.

    How so you ask? Damn fine acting. Justin drew deep into his reservoir of acting skills and somehow, someway managed to convince us – with his impeccable acting skills – that he is a victim. A victim of his own privilege. Remarkable!

    “Justin Trudeau and an Inconvenient Truth.” A privileged victim.The movie will be produced by Harvey Weinstein. Johnny Depp rumored to play the role of Po’ Justin. The book will be ghost written by Gerry Butts, with the foreward by Michael Wernick.

  13. Lewis Cardin says:

    There might have been a Liberal caucus ‘palace revolt’ if it were not for the real possibility that we will have a Liberal government at the end of October. Too many Liberal MPs don’t have the integrity to take that risk.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Anyone who now still thinks the Liberals have a chance in hell needs to have his or her head examined. Seriously.

      • Douglas W says:

        Libs are still extremely strong in the GTA; greater Montreal; and Atlantic Canada. Still a lot of days left in the campaign for our ultra-slick PM to wiggle out of this one.

      • Vancouverois says:

        Careful, there, Ronald. I hope you’re right; but I’m afraid you may have to eat your words come October 22nd.

        As Douglas W says, it’s early days yet. And the astonishing attempts to minimize or even justify this in some quarters (“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! It was an HOMAGE to diversity!”) leave me wondering.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          You’ve been around politics for a long time. You know a few self-evident truths that always apply, namely: winning is not only everything, it’s also the only thing. That’s the common truth. But it comes with house rules: how you win is critical. Honour, decency, telling it exactly as it is are absolute requirements under that political maxim and to laugh or blatently and quite deliberately disregard those constructs is to lose power in a big way. That’s politically inevitable. The Canadian people are what makes this country great and when they’ve finally had enough, they send the mother-of-all wake-up-calls to our leaders. Happened to Harper in 2015. Coming in spades to Trudeau next month.

    • Alistair McLaughlin says:

      Hahahaha! Harvey Weinstein of course! But I suggest the movie be set 20 years into the future, in 2039, with an older post-career Justin reflecting on his life lessons, played by Kevin Spacey. Mel Gibson will play Gerald Butts. Felicity Huffman will be Katie Telford.

      In a flashback scene (there will be many), Bill Cosby can do a cameo, playing an offended elderly man who challenges a younger Trudeau when he encounters him in blackface at a party. This can be the “moment of awkening” in Justin’s life when he suddenly becomes aware of the “intersectionality between his privileged upbringing and his unconscious prejudices”.

      Not sure who will play the younger Trudeau; it’s a pity Jim Cary is too old. A reprisal of his Mask/Pet Detective/Dumb and Dumber personas would be perfect. After the Bill Cosby encounter, a reflective Justin, still in blackface, could do a tumble down the stairs while a voiceover of his inner thoughts says “I’m not sure who let that blind old ghetto dude in, but maybe he has a point. Maybe the makeup is wrong… I’ve got a closet full of traditional Indian garments that won’t offend anyone, maybe I’ll stick with those from now on…. because it’s 2001”.

      • Shane Dunworth Crompton says:

        Mel Gibson as Butts not right. The older Aussie, Geoffrey Rush would be perfect. For Justin in his youth either Tom Cruise , Depp or Joachim Phoenix. If Spacey is allowed out he’d be fine as older Justin. If not, Jeremy Irons. Katie Telford has to be Meryl Streep’s role. The poor Sophie Gregoire can be portrayed sympathetically by
        The Goop Queen, Gwyneth Paltrow

  14. Andrew says:

    Trudeau reminds me of Lance Armstrong. When all the signs were out there that Lance was likely cheating, his fan base could simply not believe it or consider there might be another side of the story. He was considered a hero. A survivor. A fighter for all those battling cancer. He gave people hope. His fan base drank his koolaid.

    Yet, they stood up for him. Fought back for him. Even after he admitted guilt, his hardcore followers justified that it was okay – that he was simply the best of the cheaters and everyone cheated… so it was okay. It was justified.

    His fans chose to ignore the fact that he destroyed people’s careers, their businesses, and their reputations only to simply protect his lies. To protect his wealth. To protect his ego.

    He flaunted his accusers (did you see him posing in his house with the 7 yellow jerseys after having his titles stripped?). He feigned distress for what he did.

    And he still has his core supporters.

    Deja vu… (other than the cancer piece).

  15. Vancouverois says:

    The latest claim is apparently that video was from an “African themed” fundraiser at the whitewater rafting company, which was necessary because the women’s white water racing team had zero funding from the federal government.

    So he wasn’t being racist – he was supporting women in sports! It’s so unfair for people to attack him over this.

    The man’s a saint.


  16. Krago says:

    These incidents have made Justin Trudeau look ridiculous.

    And a man in his position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous.

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