, 09.05.2019 01:22 PM

KINSELLACAST 78: Political silence! Canadians for the Dems! Spin Twin and Lisa!

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  1. Miles Lunn says:

    Fully agree. One has really taken this to heart is John Horgan here in BC. In the past three times NDP formed government, their numbers after year 2 were in the tank. Realizing the same could happen, he has stayed out of the news and as such still has a decent approval rating. In fact some polls suggest a quarter of British Columbians cannot even name their premier.

    One exception I will make is if in the news and screwing up all the time, eventually people become immune to things that should sink one’s career. I am specifically thinking of Trump who were are so used to doing something incredibly stupid that no president before him would have done, that his actions don’t have same shock value they did at first.

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