09.14.2019 10:14 AM

Let her speak, Prime Minister Liar Face

At Hoss’s Diner in Carrying Place, getting a bite before Brian Lilley and friends arrive, and spotted this reprobate in the Sun!

Link here.


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    Douglas W says:

    If JW-R is allowed to speak, PM JT is done. Toast. This is why JT will never allow her to speak.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      And that’s precisely why voters in JWR and JP’s riding have a very serious responsibility and civic duty to perform: they have to send a very loud and clear message to this Prime Minister that his playing Canadians for fools does not wash with voters. They can ONLY do that with conviction in these two particular ridings by re-electing both JWR and JP.

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    William R Morrison says:

    What would happen if she DID speak? Surely she wouldn’t be prosecuted, would she? Why doesn’t she speak?

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    Dan Blackstone says:

    Trudeau gets in in October with majority with Quebec & Ontario

    Alberta secession movement triples in size by the end of year one after it becomes apparent KXL is going to be stymied forever, and no new pipelines will ever be built, as per G Butts vision of Canada. Saskatchewan secession sentiment starts to foment and grow. BC voters outside the lower mainland-Van isle are as equally frustrated.

    Trump wins 2nd term because Dems can’t field a credible candidate, hints that Alberta would be a welcome state. Idea takes root in Alberta.

    By the end of year 2 nation is irreversibly fractured, the usual slow burn of separation sentiment is accelerated in the western prairies, BC starts to feel nervous as gas climbs well over $2 litre when strategic “maintenance” of Alberta refineries severely choke off flow.

    Year 3 & 4… who knows..

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      For one thing, Trump accelerating cognitive impairment has a ways to go before we get to 2020. According to Trump, Melania has a son who she is worried might start vaping. I take no pleasure in his medical condition but hello?

      Scaramucci is on the right track. Pence will be the nominee in due course.

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