09.20.2019 07:13 PM

The truth is like water

It always finds a way out.


  1. Joe says:

    And it looks like Justin lied again.

  2. Vancouverois says:


    Still not a smoking gun, but… yikes.

  3. the real Sean says:

    We can be reasonably certain that Ralph Goodale, Chrystia Freeland, Marc Garneau and Bill Morneau have never performed blackface, have not made racist remarks during a terrorist incident and have not had drinks (plural) with Faith Goldy and her friends (plural). Naturally it would be proper and strategic for one of these mentally sound people to address the national media on Monday morning as the interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

  4. Christoph Dollis says:

    I’m disappointed . . . in Faith Goldy.

  5. Christoph Dollis says:

    I find it absurd that if he had drinks with someone with whose politics he disagrees, and a couple other women whose politics he’s closer to, that this is a big deal.

    It’s a big deal now that he’s consistently lying about it, but other than that, no. Not really. Nor is it that one of Scheer’s candidates is friends with her. Groovy.

  6. Nick M. says:

    Don’t care if he had drinks with her…

    I care that he lied about it. I care with that a PM must have a certain degree of good character, and he has failed.

    The Kokanee Grope seems all that more credible now.

  7. Christoph Dollis says:

    It’s a stupid thing to lie about. Now it blows up because he lied.

    “I disagree with her politics, but she’s a human being and there’s no reason we can’t talk about politics. I had drinks with her after a political convention along with two other women, both Liberals. And despite trying, no, we weren’t able to get her to abandon her far right ways and join the Liberal Party.”

    Would that not have been a better way to handle it than to be revealed as a liar and had drinks with her anyway?

    Everyone in the world has had the experience of having political discussions with people they disagree with who they strongly feel are wrong.

    Literally every person in the world could relate to that statement. Plus the last sentence is a bit of humour. AND it makes him look magnanimous by acknowledging someone he strongly disagrees with’s humanity.

    But no, panic and lying. And now getting caught. Dummy.

    • Vancouverois says:

      But it only came up in the first place because the Liberals were trying to link Goldy with Scheer in order to pretend he’s a venomous white supremacist. If he’d made a response like the one you suggest, that would automatically have defused their line of attack, and he would have been seen backing down.

      So instead he lied (it seems)… and now it’s blowing up in his own face.

      • Christoph Dollis says:

        “But it only came up in the first place because the Liberals were trying to link Goldy with Scheer….

        Yeah, good point. LPC hoisted on the petard of their leader’s hypocrisy. In truth, it was probably the party strategists doing this and the PM didn’t stop them, hiding yet one more thing.

        Do I believe he disclosed to the party strategics his 3 or more blackface (and worse! … not just face) episodes? No.

  8. Leo Fleming says:

    On one hand, I think Justin gets smoked election night, regardless of the polls. On the other hand, I’m not sure that any of this matters to Liberal supporters. It’s a sort of utilitarianist ethical nihilism in the pursuit of power. He’s like the mirror image of Trump. His supporters don’t care. Weed, abortion, feminism, hemlock and good looks. 30% of the country will vote for him regardless.

    I was watching the CBC the other day.

    Talking to people on the street about the issues they want to see addressed in the campaign. Watched for 10 minutes. Nobody they talked to should be allowed to vote. Some guy ranting about Doug Ford and how he wants Justin Trudeau to remove him from power. Batshit crazy and they let him talk for 80 seconds.

    As I much as I dislike Trudeau I wasn’t shocked or offended by these pictures. Ok maybe the one with the foot long shlong. My only real comments on the Aladdin brownface: a, he’s sort of creepy; b, that’s an awesome costume; c, the picture of him between the 2 Sikh gentleman is a nice photo – if I was one of those 2 guys, I would have it on my wall in the basement.

    I think he’s done for though. 38-40 % of this country have always shown a willingness to vote Conservative when necessary. This is sort of one of those national emergencies. If Trudeau wins again, God help us all. Nihilism has won.

  9. Harry Belafonte says:

    JT would have been 40 at the time. The two girls were 20 and 22. Wouldn’t that have been something if he and Faith hooked up?

    • Vancouverois says:

      Especially as he’d been married for several years already.

      • Christoph Dolllis says:

        Yes, it would be terrible for Sophie and the Trudeaus’ kids and bad of Faith too, who is (obviously of the right-wing variety [I don’t mean that in a derogatory way]) Catholic.

        I hope they didn’t and will not assume they did, especially when I haven’t even heard a claim to that effect by anyone involved.

  10. Vancouverois says:

    Speaking of the truth always getting out…

    During the news conference, when he was asked why he concealed the blackface incidents from Liberal party vetting, he said he was too embarrassed to admit them.

    But when asked when he first realized that blackface was wrong, he said it only became clear to him after he was elected to represent Papineau and got to work with so many diverse communities within the riding.

    Those can’t both be true.

    If he didn’t realize that blackface was wrong until after he was elected, then he wouldn’t have deliberately hidden it from the vetting committee out of embarrassment.

    Nobody seems to have picked up on that at the time, but it’s a fundamental discrepancy.

    Transcript here:


    • Christoph Dolllis says:

      Great catch.

      When someone is lying to your face, it’s often hard to pick up on every lie in real time. And with Justin Trudeau, there are a lot of them.

      P.S. Do I believe Justin Trudeau used blackface in public THREE times in front of his liberal highly educated friends, including freaking school teachers, without one person ever pointing out to him that it might be seen as politically incorrect? No. That was the whole point: Justin setting himself apart by showing off what he was in a unique position to get away with because of who he is and his privilege.

  11. Bill says:

    Trudeau’s acting career (politics) has given him the perfect platform to deliver the perfect lie and get away with it. His supporters suck up his lies and seem to thrive on him and his lies – he’s a cult leader of the progressives dimwits. His whole life has been one big charade performed on the world stage, but his mask has finally slipped to show the fool he really is. Just-in time for the general election. Time to show him stage left.

    Not As Advertised

  12. mike jeffries says:

    That ~30+% of the country still support JT. That LPC ministers still rally around JT. Tells me that Canada is a *sick* country.
    God help us and our children!

    • At least not as sick as the US.

    • Christoph Dolllis says:

      Could it be, dare I say, a sick Party rather than a sick Canada?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:



      Voters and party supporters are never the real problem in progressive or conservative parties. Leaders and those at the top ARE ALWAYS IT. THEY set the TONE, DIRECTION and ETHICS for the party. Voters and supporters reasonably take their cue from them.

      The LPC needs an absolute upper echelon cleansing after the loss. None of those ministers must ever, ever, ever, be allowed to become the next party leader. Ditto for those jackasses in caucus. Trudeau, and all of them collectively are responsible for bringing this government down. Let all those fuckers wear it and pay for their stupidity at the ballot box.

    • Vancouverois says:

      It’s disheartening; but give it time.

      It can take a while for these things to really permeate into the electorate’s consciousness, obvious and immediate though they are to those of us who actively follow politics.

      Of course, any amount of support for Trudeau after this will be disheartening. But we’ll see.

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