10.21.2019 06:09 PM

As-it-happens election night insights!

Gratis! Found right here, from your pals at Daisy Group!


  1. Jeff McMullen says:

    Yes !! I hope you’re feeling better !!

    You were on fire on debate night.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    For those on WK’s site here who will wail and gnash their teeth at the nefarious media and/or stupidity of central Canadian/urban voters for not voting enough for the Conservatives, find a clip of Andrew Coyne’s summary of the CPC’s faulty strategy. He nailed it. You have to go beyond ginning up the base– people will still hold their nose and vote for the phoney asshole leading the Liberals if the Conservatives have decided they want to just alienate the “smarty pants educated urban vote” (sic). Even if it makes you mad, it’s politics. Duh.
    Hope you’re feeling better btw WK.

    • Pedant says:

      Urban voters in eastern Canada can vote for whom they like but why should Alberta foot the bill to pay for the lifestyle of people who despise its very existence and actively trying to destroy and impoverish its people?

      • Alberta and the Toronto area have almost the same GDP.

      • Pedant,

        I urgently believe that equalization must be modified as it’s long overdue. But with that said, referendum or no referendum, how do you push it through past Ottawa and the other provinces and territories?

        That’s why I see Kenney being quickly boxed in and left with no choice but to hold a separatist referendum. If he does, he’ll likely win hands down. And then where will Canada be? Also look out for Legault going that exact same route so HE can become the future president of Quebec rather than the person who ultimately becomes the new leader of the PQ.

        Canada has been on life-support since 1982 and those chickens thankfully, have finally come home to roost.

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