, 10.14.2019 06:44 PM

KINSELLACAST 83: Punk rock politics! Fight Club! CBC bias! Who to vote for?


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    Rick Plato says:

    Really enjoy your podcasts. And columns in the Sun. I know you lean a bit left, just as I lean a bit right, but respect the fact that you are willing to call out wrongs no matter who authors them. Only voted liberal once, when I was 18, first federal election I voted in for P.E.T. I would consider voting liberal again if they choose Judy Wilson Raybould their leader. I know she has morals and ethics as opposed to the fraud that is in that position now. If Tories win and you keep their feet to the fire to ensure truth and justice I’m good with that.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Trouble is the party is not even close to having the integrity that JWR and JP have. So why would this gang go against their very nature in a leadership race? Won’t happen.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    How I miss Michael…

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    Daivd Murrell says:

    Concerning the CBC’s strategic move to sue the Conservative party, as people are voting in the advance polls, Peter Mansbridge rides to Rosemary Barton’s rescue in this Twitter tweet:

    …and immediately gets hammered by other Twitter-ers.

    One thing one notices, in this CBC blunder, is that others in the Toronto-based media cartel are not criticizing the Ceeb. A Google search shows that virtually no mainstream opinion maker has editorialized against the CBC (one wonders why)

    There is a storm of criticism out there in the social media — elitist Peter Mansbridge smears them as “trolls” — but it’s only in the social media. The establishment media are silent.

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    Ontario John says:

    Groper McBlackface held his press conference in New Brunswick this morning. Standard rants about Harper, Ford, and Kenney. He also actually promised a family doctor for everyone in Canada if he is prime minister again. I sure would like to know how he plans to do that. And he has added New Brunswick to his list of provinces to fight. He stated that after the election he will sit down with the premier of New Brunswick and lay down the law on what he must do.

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    Phil says:

    First time taking in the podcast. Love the way your tone accentuated what is really a reading of the writings.
    That’s a compliment not a criticism. It adds to it.
    Your mom sounds like a lot of the little old ladies I know including my own who have liberal roots that are deep.
    Trudeau version 1.0 wasn’t perfect and his indiscretions might be tough to smooth in today’s social media world but something tells me there was a voice there inside that told him not to be stupid. He didn’t come with a second version. Didn’t need it.
    Trudeau lightweight version 984.76 with a patch doesn’t hear that voice.
    I wonder how many like your mom and mine turn this week?

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