, 10.18.2019 09:29 AM

KINSELLACAST 84: Don’t vote for Trudeau! Why you shouldn’t! And Rob and Lisa on the end of #ELXN43!


  1. Ontario John says:

    Wow, Gerald Butts sure likes it when American politicians interfere with the Canadian election. He has added Democrat and CNN host David Axlerod to his twitter list of Americans supporting Blackface.

    • lyn says:

      Ontario John: David Axlerod has thrown money at the Trudeau Liberals to get them elected once again. They met with Axlerod in Chicago along with other Dems…it was the time Trudeau’s mother (Maggie Trudeau) was doing a show?????…this is how they could meet secretly!!!!

  2. Leasa Janssen says:

    Why isn’t Scheer running away with this election? Look at our media. A liberal MP used CBC footage in an online ad, CBC nicely asked her to remove it. The CBC used a bit of CBC in their ad and immediately got sued. Rosie Barton you could taste the vitriol she held for the CPC. None of the coverage has been fair. Too much media getting tax payer’s dollars. The CBC especially, needs to be defunded. Leasa

    • JIM Johnson says:

      The main stream media especially CBC, and CTV have done everything to give Trudeau a free pass in this election campaign. Right now he has got away with out of control spending, multiple ethics violations, obstructed justice in the SNC scandal, Mark Norman affair, bought off the media, restricting freedom of speech,interfered in the judiciary, and our RCMP has become a police state. He also has forked out 10.5 million to Khadr and millions to other terrorists. Has has lied on going, very hypocritical, no transparency or accountability. Weak on terrorism, being a disaster on the international stage.

  3. Ontario John says:

    Rex Murphy at the National Post has another humorous take on the election.

  4. Dave Fuller says:

    London Ontario has 2 Liberal MPs and 1 NDP MP currently.
    Provincially 3 NDP MPPs.
    Today’s straw poll on the Free Press website as of 530 pm
    Only 439 people so far … BUT
    Conservatives 53%
    Liberals 22%
    NDP 11%
    May you live in interesting times….

  5. RKJ says:

    A text making the rounds, as follows:

    “Things I trust more than Justin Trudeau: New Delhi tap water; Bigfoot sightings; Gas station sushi” …. and so on.

  6. Fred from BC says:

    ““Things I trust more than Justin Trudeau: New Delhi tap water; ”

    Okay, that made me laugh…:)

    (gas station sushi was pretty good, too)

  7. Leo Fleming says:

    Thanks for the Friday night fuck you all! Reinventing Axl Rose. That was fucking awesome! In response I offer you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRHqs8SffDo

  8. Pretty tough to call this one, for reasons I’ll never understand. Should be the CPC in a walk.
    Worst case scenario: CPC wins most seats by a bare margin, maybe 10 or less.
    Liberals form coalition with NDP.
    Say goodbye forever to last hope of a pipeline ever getting built, and the eco-extremists take over the national agenda in totality. (Some, myself included, would argue they already have…)
    Albertans goes ballistic, with a good chunk of Sask and even BC (outside the Left Coast region) jumping on board.
    I don’t think even Kenney will be able to keep a lid on that s***storm.
    Pretty grim looking on the horizon.

    • lyn says:

      Al in Cranbrook: Then you have Greta spewing no more oil…no gas/diesel vehicles…no gas heating homes…no more flying…NO…NO…NO but she and her family and one BBC reporter are aloud. When do they get the right to tell us Canadians what to do…send them back to where they came from and be done with it!!

  9. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    If Scheer doesn’t get a majority on Monday it will be because some bozos are over the top consistently all over web sites and blogs.

    Those dopes aren’t bright enough to realize that they are doing Trudeau’s work for him.

    Nice job, geniuses. Hamish, reign them in now. Jesus Christ, what a fucking joke. Beyond pathetic.

  10. Martin says:

    I wish there was a way to post images. JT was in our riding yesterday no doubt fulfilling a promise they made to Danielle if she would agree to run(after not allowing a local guy to run which split the local Liberals-many now won’t vote liberal or just won’t vote). Anyway, this pic says it all about the cult of JT. They look like they need to get a room. Seriously.

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