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KINSELLACAST 85: A confession, an election, and a blackbird.


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    mike jeffries says:

    It has been written “love your enemies” because it’s the only way.
    You see, we are all enemies to someone. Where we are wrong we need to be exposed but not hated with anger and unforgiveness.
    Why? Because of the Golden Rule. We want to be treated fairly by those for whom *we* are enemies.
    The truth is: your enemy is as human as you. He’s deceived. He’s blind. He’s ignorant. He’s been hurt.
    We *are* all in a similar boat! None of us have it totally right!
    Loving him doesn’t mean becoming his friend. No. It means to be merciful and compassionate as you would want to be treated by those who see you as their enemy.
    So liked this podcast :)!

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    joe says:

    I am pro abortion, so I’d pass Justin Trudeau’s litmus test.

    Maybe I should run as a Liberal in my province of Alberta, but Justin fails my litmus test. He lies … a lot. He’s dishonest and a hypocrite.

    I normally like to have lunch or dinner with people with whom I disagree. I learn a lot hearing their point of view. Diversity of thought can be very enlightening and powerful. But with Justin Trudeau I’d make an exception. If we were discussing something I wouldn’t know if Justin was lying.

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      Walter says:

      What does “pro-abortion” mean.
      – Support abortion in case of fetus with disability?
      – Support abortion for any reason?
      – Support abortion right up until the 9th months?
      – Support sex based abortion to ensure certain ethnic groups have boys?

      Somehow, I think the majority of Canadians are in the middle somewhere on abortion, but somehow it is portrayed as a yes or no proposition.

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        joe says:

        Why don’t you ask Justin Trudeau? Maybe he’ll give you a straight answer. Possibly you’ll believe him?

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        Jim R says:

        My position is that the collection of cells you have right after conception is not a human being, whereas a 9 month fetus clearly is. This position is also held by just about every other liberal democracy on the planet whereby they have laws that permit abortion on demand for the first 12 to 20 weeks, and with restrictions thereafter. Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, UK, etc, etc are all like this. It’s only Canada that has no law.

        So, due to my non-extreme position on the matter I would not pass Justin Trudeau’s litmus test. Luckily I’ve never considered running as a Liberal (or for any party for that matter).

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    NeinerNeiner1 says:

    Dear Warren.

    Mark Henick is amazing. It isn’t surprising he reached out to you, he’s a good guy & does amazing work. I’m glad you spoke to him.

    Maybe I should add a trigger warning here.

    Regarding anger.

    People think I am crazier because I am not angry at those who assaulted me. The last that collapsed me, took my career, my dreams at the time, & left me struggling to get out of a deep well.

    What I quickly realized is that angry keeps those who we are angry at, in control of us.

    In my case, the abusers don’t care about me, but with each day I waste being angry with them, the more they remain in control of my life.

    The more that anger, resentment and jadedness builds up inside me. Where that all goes? Not to the abusers, but it eats me up inside, those around me are effected and my life further goes into shambles as I become jaded and prickly toward others.

    That anger only further serves to destroy me. Those who harmed me would only further be amused by this control they still have, so by stopping my anger I stopped their control.

    I instead used that energy to do what I could to get myself out of that deep well, for me as well as for those who love & care for me. Damn it was rough & I don’t even think I am half way there but like you, I want to live.

    If my life has to become more simple in order for that to happen, so be it. My life is worth living.

    When fighting battles of hatred, it is easy to get angry & rightly so. I think the key to that is ensuring it isn’t consuming us, as it takes our energy away from the goal of “Stamping out hate”.

    As you know, I’m here too any time if you wish to chat. I was diagnosed with mental illness in 1996.

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    Carrie says:

    This, too, shall pass. Be gentle with yourself.

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    Nick says:

    Dear Warren,

    Depression is largely the result of turning against and especially away from all those things (especially your internal gifts) ,experiences, people, and events that give you true joy and satisfaction in life.

    Anger, ( as well as guilt, fear, etc. much of which has been conditioned by religion) although you may have believed to be one of those things, does not give joy or satisfaction to anyone because it is the epitome of negative energy that only draws more negativity as it sucks one into the black hole of depression and death.

    My experience ( as someone who had suffered with depression much of my life until I awoke to the insights I share with you here) and hopefully yours in time, is that time spent each day in quiet meditation being aware of and expressing gratitude and appreciation for those big (and especially small) things, experiences, people and events that , have given or will give you joy and especially a sense of satisfaction will almost immediately and definitely eventually not only shift your mental, emotional and physical state, it will also bring a shift in the kind of life experience you manifest within and around you.

    Having read much of what (and how) you write I know, as you do (and not because I say so or that you need my or anyone’s acknowledgment or approval) that you have much to be grateful for.

    So, take stock and revel in that internal and external beauty that makes you and your life the magnificent manifestation that you (plural) are!


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    Leasa Janssen says:

    I don’t know you personally, but I think you are one of the smartest people I know. You are so good at reading people. I hope you climb out of this darkness and see the light soon again. <3 Leasa

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    Leasa Janssen says:

    We don’t know each other personally, I am a strong Conservative, but, I often read your stuff, for a many years now and have followed you loyally through the last year or so. I do think you read people very well, and I think you are one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of reading and listening to. And, even if you for whatever reason need to turn your attention to even negatively, I will respect your opinion. We really don’t have to be mean or hate each other and people have to stop thinking everyone who doesn’t see things their way, hates them or they should in turn not hate them for differing views. I’ve never seen my country so terribly terribly divided as we are now this last few years. Anyway, I do hope so hope you find your way from the darkness and see the light again soon. Give my regards to your lovely wife, all the best, <3 Leasa

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Good for you for sharing your story of depression. I’ve battled depression since adolescence and all of my adult life. And battle is the right word. It’s always good to know you’re not alone so thanks. I wish you all the best in your journey.
    Also, kudos to Lisa on the launch of her firm! She’s going to kick ass I’m sure.

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