10.10.2019 04:29 PM

Making a little history, baby


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    Ontario John says:

    First words out of Groper’s mouth at debate, was he will fight Jason Kenney and Doug Ford. Great, just what Canada needs for the next four years. All out warfare between the provinces and the federal government.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      Oh c’mon Kenny & Ford fired the first shots and wouldn’t cooperate with the fed Libs anyhow. Yes PMJT is a douchebag but let’s not pretend this war was started by him.

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    MikeTO says:

    Pundits in the Punjab, would they be thrilled that a Swede is surging in polls in their election, or is it just a thing European-Canadian people are doing these days?

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    Ontario John says:

    So the main themes I got out of the final debate, was Groper is going to wage war against Alberta, Ontario, and any other Conservative province for the next four years. Issues facing Quebec and Toronto are all that matters. No more pipelines should be built and the oil sands should be shut down. In other words, if you live between Toronto and Vancouver, your concerns don’t count.

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      lyn says:

      Ontario John: EXACTLY!! If Trudeau does get in you can kiss the WEST goodbye…the Laurentian Elites have won!! NDP & Green want to rid of oil also. Liberal/Democrats Socialist gov’t to control the population. No more Canada as I see it. VOTE SCHEER ON OCT 21/19

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    Steve T says:

    While I am glad that Singh’s skin color is not an impediment to his success, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it should have any bearing on his success.

    Unfortunately, I think some people feel inclined to vote for certain candidates as a way to show their “woke” status, so they can participate in self-congratulatory discussions. Voting should be based on the merits of the party’s policies and platform, and the ability of the party’s leadership to enact those policies and platform. Nothing more and nothing less.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      Maybe, just maybe Canadians have found both Trudeau & Scheer wanting in terms of both policies and personality and they are supporting Singh regardless of his skin colour but because they him for him.

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    Pedant says:

    The NDP is now surging in the polls. Nanos has them at 18% and both the Libs and CPC in the low 30s. I think it’s safe to entirely rule out a majority government at this point. Post election jockeying in the hung parliament will be interesting, especially if the Lib and CPC seat counts are close.

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      The Doctor says:

      The latest projected seat counts certainly don’t point to a majority for either the Liberals or the Conservatives.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        You know what CW stands for and much of the time CW amounts to unmitigated bullshit, polls or no polls. I’m sticking with my CPC majority prediction.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      It’s never safe to rule out anything, after 2015, when the third place Liberals…

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    Phil says:

    I do admire Mr. Singh. But I don’t wish his party well.

    While I tend to vote right wing it is not because of a blind belief in capitalism. It is largely because I don’t feel the Liberal party of my forefathers remains. It certainly has lost it’s bearing as centrist.

    I think it is time for a new Liberal-Conservative movement. Let’s call it “TRUE Blue GRIT” that stands up WITH small C conservative Canadians and governs, campaigns and damn right lives in the middle of the political spectrum.

    Not necessarily perfect judged by today’s lens, but ideal for it’s time was Conservative McDonald and Liberal Brown being able to set aside their true hatred till they were able to work together well enough to forge this great nation.

    We are at a time when the leaders of the two largest parties need to if only for a period put aside their mutual hate.

    Warren in past elections has written a lot about how Liberals and Dippers are different. I believe sincerely that the Liberal party loved by Mr. Kinsella and once loved by me has been raped and pillaged and is fighting to out-left the NDP.

    I don’t know – He and I may even agree on that point now, but I think he feels the crime occurred only under Justin Trudeau.

    I believe the centrist liberals of my parents generation even from before an earlier Trudeau have as much in common with the conservative movement in Canada today as with any other party. I don’t believe we are centre left as a society we are centrist on the whole.

    We are all bemoaning that this is a horrible campaign, what a shame the best leaders in most peoples eyes are leading the fringe parties. With apologies to the NDP supporters out there, they have governed Canada exactly as many time as I have personally so fringe fits till it doesn’t.

    Let Maxine Bernier collect the right wing knuckle draggers further away from mainstream conservatism.
    However, let us not give the radical left a free ride where centrism disappears from Liberal political thought.

    Mr Singh may be bigger than his party at the moment but the diehard left of the NDP are every bit as extreme as the PPC are on the right.

    I’d like to see a minority parliament where someone other than Trudeau leads a liberal coalition with a conservative partner that both come back to the middle.

    This coalition could give the Bloc the middle finger, while working for a truly better Canada where the masses agree the poor and downtrodden are everyone’s responsibility but also recognizes that the middle class needs to be grown and fed, not lived off as pawns and most importantly where we can work to both address climate concerns and Alberta’s energy economy.

    We can truly be the country that lady liberty describes but does not deliver in our southern neighbour. Build our economy and stop to help our fellow Canadians while putting aside the urge to villainize those who are most like us but don’t vote as we do.

    Give me a Jagmeet Singh that leads that party and I’m in.

    But as long as the NDP is socialist, it is just too close to communist for my liking.

    With 150 seats each the Liberals could afford to send people like Judy Sgro to the back benches and encourage Trudeau to walk away. Conservatives could abandon the most extreme of their members and a couple hundred good men and women could coalesce for a decade of enlightened parliament.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      You sure don’t know the Liberals. They could pull a Charest Wayne in this election and the ball-less caucus still wouldn’t force Trudeau out. And Justin bloody well knows it.

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    Ontario John says:

    You have to wonder about people spending their Saturday night listening to Groper rant about Doug Ford. Obviously a cult. They could save themselves a lot of time and money just sitting at home and reading the Toronto Star.

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