, 10.16.2019 08:09 AM

Why I can’t vote for Trudeau

I was Jean Chretien’s special assistant. I helped oversee his war room when he won in 1993 and 2000. I ran for the Liberals in B.C. in 1997.

And I can’t vote Liberal. I won’t. And I don’t think you should either.

Here’s why.

People vote for (or against) politicians for different reasons. In 2015, they voted for Justin Trudeau because he wasn’t Stephen Harper, who they’d grown tired of.

They voted for Trudeau because he was fresh and new and charismatic. Because he had his father’s surname. Because we (me especially) thought he’d be different.

They voted for him because he promised ethical and accountable government. They voted for him because he promised electoral reform, and balanced budgets, and harmonious relations with First Nations and the provinces and the world.

And now, many Canadians are voting against him because he didn’t do any of those things. He did the exact reverse.

He lied about balanced budgets and electoral reform. He didn’t deliver on harmony with other levels of government: First Nations and the provinces, and important international players — like China and the U.S. and India — think he’s a child.

And ethics? That didn’t work out so well, either. He’s the first sitting prime minister to have been found guilty of breaking ethics laws — in the Aga Khan and Lavscam scandals. In the latter case, the RCMP have said they are now reviewing the conduct of Trudeau’s government “carefully.” Some people may go to jail.

But for this writer — who happily voted for Liberal Nate Erskine-Smith in the Toronto Beach riding in 2015 — I can’t vote again for the Trudeau Party, which bears no resemblance to the Liberal Party of John Turner and Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. I can’t vote for it because it isn’t a political party.

It’s a cult.

It bears all the hallmarks of a cult. Slavish and unquestioning devotion to the leader. The willingness to punish and isolate critics and outsiders.

The fundamental belief that they are everything — in Trudeau’s case, that the Liberal Party is Canada, and vice versa. If you are against them, you are literally against Canada. That’s what they think.

Along with running some campaigns (winning and losing), I’ve written books about politics. Along the way, I’ve learned that people vote based on emotion, not reason.

In my case, my reasons for objecting to the Trudeau cult are deeply personal and real. I have written about, and opposed, racism for more than three decades. I am also a proud father of an indigenous girl.

How can I look my daughter in the eye and say I voted Liberal, after what Trudeau did to the female indigenous hero named Jody Wilson-Raybould? After he attacked her and exiled her for telling the truth? For saying no to a group of grasping men? For standing up for the rule of law?

I can’t do that.

How, too, can I vote for a man-boy who donned racist blackface — not once, not twice, but at least three times that we know about — and still say I fight racism? How can I claim to be against bigotry when I legitimize the bigotry of a clueless, overprivileged brat with my vote?

Politicians like to say that elections are about choices, because they are. They also are choices that are highly emotional and highly personal. Emotionally, personally, rationally, I cannot bring myself to vote for this loathsome cult.

And, with the greatest respect, I don’t know how you could either.


  1. Ontario John says:

    I tried to watch all of Groper’s speech and question and answer session in Quebec today. He ranted how Scheer is running a negative and divisive campaign. This while he answered every question with, Harper, Ford, and Jason Kenney. He asked people in Quebec to join him in the fight against Conservative premiers. Nothing divisive about that I guess. He also added the premier of New Brunswick to his list of evil people. Did Gerald Butts hand out the questions to the Unifor media present. Questions like, how do you feel about the Manning Institute not releasing the names of their donors. No questions about Justin’s fund raiser in New York. Or the question how do you feel about Ford coming out of hiding from you and speaking in Kenora today. Our Unifor media at work.

    • It would be an exaggeration to say speaking in Kenora is coming out of hiding. With all due respect to the may-as-well-be-Manitoba part of Ontario, I doubt he will be facing many hardball questions from the Queen Park media.

      • Phil says:

        nice point about nothing
        Do you care to say anything about the guy with the red L on his coat that can’t even answer the layups being offered by his media friends Um, well, um is not a fucking answer.
        If you think Doug Ford is a liabiliy to the conservative base you need to speak to your cult leader

        • Scheer seems to think he is a liability since he hasn’t uttered Ford’s name for the whole campaign.

          Ford’s example shows that if the shoe was on the other foot, the Conservatives would be as loyal to be thier scandal-rich leader, complete with exiling thier most princiled MPPs.

          Vote NDP, we kick our leaders out on a dime.

          • Phil says:

            Scheer was on record a few days ago saying Doug Ford is too busy fixing the Liberal fiscal mess in Ontario to campaign for him.
            And, besides I think its a huge mistake that conservatives are not associating themselves with Doug Ford. He is not as scary to Conservatives as he is to Dippers and Liberals. If I were Scheer I would have him at my hip every time I entered the province.
            How has that kicking your leaders in the ass worked for the NDP? I HAVE BEEN PRIME MINISTER AS OFTEN AS ALL NDP LEADERS COMBINED.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            Scheer’s comment is absolute bullshit. He’s positively scared shitless to be seen with the guy. And I’m voting CPC by the way.

            What I wouldn’t give to see some reporter ask Harper (when he gets back from Taiwan) if Scheer should be campaigning with Ford. Ha, ha, ha! Loving it.

  2. the real Sean says:

    Expresses my thoughts almost precisely. I will go further. If you want to help the Liberal Party in this election, so that it can help Canadians in the future…. figure out who is most likely to defeat the Liberal in your riding. If they are not defeated Monday, we are in for more years of racism, sexism, corruption and incompetence with the disgraced leader Justin Trudeau and his tiny band of scumbags.

    • Yves Antoine says:

      I Will vote libéral, not ready to allow Scheer to reverse all that has been done be the Liberals.
      Someone needs to stand up for: the climatic change…Scheer waited till the last moment to présent bis plan, Why? He didn’t santé to be questioned about that du ring the debate. So, we can’t trust him

      • RobJ says:

        By “all that has been done” what do you mean exactly – what have they done other than legalize pot?

        Oh – and they bought a pipeline to stand up for climate change.

      • joe says:

        So what Yves is saying is its ok to:
        – grope
        – wear blackface
        and recently
        – lie (a lot)
        – be dishonest (break promises)
        – be vindictive
        – be a hypocrite

        • Brian says:

          You forgot….

          -Grope a woman and then backhandedly accuses her of lying by first denying he was acting a pervert and then saying: “The same interactions can be experienced very differently from one person to the next.” Pig.
          – Has a friend and former teaching buddy from way back when that got busted for child porn. Pig.
          – Stifles the press with court injunctions to suppress stories of alleged sexual impropriety y him and his child porn watching friend, with a female student resulting in his banishment from teaching. Elitist Pig.
          -Purchases the press by covertly supplying print media with 1.2B of our tax dollars to create a propaganda media model that is only rivaled by PRAVDA. Shameless Pig.
          – Suppresses right leaning media by refusing them access to the government to ask questions (Love or hate the media outlets in question; they have a right to report.) Prejudiced Pig. (In fairness, Jagmeet Singh has refused to address their questions also, making him too prejudicial to get my vote.)

          Finally, the Obama endorsement today stinks to high Heaven. Much like Johnny Crouton getting the Clinton Photo Op at the WH years ago that helped seal an election win; this smacks of such hypocrisy not only of Trudeau but particularly Obama… What a race baiting, joke both men have become… But Trudeau, unlike Obama is truly, truly, truly; the stupidest PM in the history of our nation.

  3. Phil says:

    Right on the money.
    With a cult reasonable people owe it to their loved ones to do what it takes to remove them form the control of that cult.
    There are alternatives note the “S” I am voting blue but I’d vote differently if I could personally trust Max Bernier or Jagmeet Singh. I am alone on this but I don’t like Liz May.
    You may not trust Andrew Scheer and if that is the case review your local Green, NDP, independent and vote for the best person.
    NO Liberal candidate I have read about is immune from supporting the dear leader. They are ALL cultist. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good people but they are clearly indoctrinated.
    So vote anything but Trudeau and save your loved ones from their cultist adherence to this clown as well.

  4. joe says:

    Imagine a re-elected Trudeau shows up at a gathering of foreign leaders.

    As Justin starts his speech, including parts about human rights and the environment, the other leaders remove their simultaneous translation war pieces. One or two walk out. Butts and Telford are aghast.

    Finally one of the leaders interrupts. “That will be all Mr . lying, unethical, blackface, two jet, hypocrite.”

    Justin Trudeau, the best the Liberals have to offer: liar, unethical, vindictive, entitled, hypocrite. And many Liberals are ok with this.

    If he’s re-elected how will Canadians be regarded when they travel overseas?

  5. Elsie says:

    I keep seeing ignorant liberal partisans calling conservatives and even NDP supporters racist. Talk about the pot calling the kettle “blackface.” In all seriousness, it’s sick how these extremist liberals refuse to acknowledge the harm that Justin has done with his blackface and just simply dismiss it as a non-issue. My friends and family members both in Canada and abroad have expressed hurt and disgust at the seemingly free pass Justin Trudeau is getting, and that they will never look at Canadians the same way again if he remains the PM after October 21st, even with a minority government. This isn’t the first time Justin has humiliated Canada internationally, but it’s definitely one of the worst instances. No one I know is voting for Trudeau, even the ones who supported him last time. They have all been open with their contempt for him which I consider unusual since they never have gotten this riled up over politics before.

    Although I’m liberal in both heart and mind, there is no way I’ll even consider voting red until this moron is out. Even then there needs to be far more scrutiny when it comes to selecting liberal party leaders because all of them have been losers after Paul Martin, (before I was old enough to vote), and that includes Trudeau despite his last win. Do better, liberals! I know you can.

    • Phil says:

      I’d go back a little further than Paul Martin for my liar od the non-loser liberal leader.
      Paul Martin Jr. was the right man in the wrong party at the worst time.
      He was far more a conservative than what was left of the party he inherited from the Trudeau/Chretien gang.
      He was a loser because he couldn’t win a majority and couldn’t keep a minority together.
      He and John Turner were both admirable men the kind of Liberal I was. But, they were shitty choices or sacrificial lambs for the Liberals. Neither had a clue how to campaign and failed terribly in establishing themselves when taking power with authority from their predecessor.
      Chretien was a winner, Trudeau vs 1.0 was a winner but Paul Martin was the start of this slide because he couldn’t bring the Liberals back to middle ground while his chief opponents beat his ass on both the left and right flank.

  6. Shane McPherson says:

    Scheer’s friendship with white nationalist trash Faith Goldy shouldn’t surprise anyone considering who he hired to run his campaign. Campaign Director, Hamish Marshall – co-founded alt-right site “The Rebel”, published anti-Semitic Holocaust rant, sympathized with white supremacists at Charlottesville.
    Outreach Director, Georganne Burke – help founded an anti-Islam group and continues to participate online, supports Trump.
    Digital Director, Stephen Taylor – linked to an alt-right subreddit, created HarperPAC to get Harper re-elected and “stick it to the unions.”

    Mike Roman, Trump’s former Director of Special Projects and Research, is working on Scheer’s campaign. Scheer doesn’t want to talk about it. Georganne Burke, another Trump supporter, is in Scheer’s inner circle. He doesn’t want to talk about her either.
    Roman also ran an opposition research unit for that according to Politico, conducted “surveillance and intelligence gathering on its liberal opponents.”
    Roman spoke at an event in April titled “litigation as a tool”, sharing advice on how energy companies can silence environmental critics through frivolous lawsuits.
    Ironically, it appears that it is the Conservatives themselves who are opening the door to foreign actors — including Trump officials — to provide advice on how to influence Canadian politics.


    • Harry Belafonte says:

      Ok, so have some self respect and vote NDP or Green. Going to guess that isn’t going to happen…

    • Shane,

      Your points are extremely well taken: at this juncture Scheer has learned positively nothing from the rabid-right-wing leap Harper made in 2011. So, Scheer is likely to go gonzo-right in policy terms and that, of course, will be his ultimate undoing in 2023. (But hey, that’s not my problem. It’s Hamish’s.)

      • Harry Belafonte says:

        Sorry, but this is just “hidden agenda” recycling. Harper didn’t go “rabid-right-wing”. At worst, the hotline was a dumb decision but he was center-left to center-right the whole time he was in power. It was the only way to run the minority government he had, and he didn’t change that much until some silly pandering at the last election which he didn’t win.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Then if that’s the case, why did Harper lose if it wasn’t because of policy?

          • Harry Belafonte says:

            Because Justin was the shiny new thing. Harper was PM for 10 years! That’s an astonishing accomplishment for anyone, let alone a former reform MP. Harper didn’t go out in a blaze of scandal like Cretien or Mulroney or hopefully JT. He was one of the good guys whether the rabid left like it or not.

      • DanBC says:

        Nonsense. Scheer is middle of the road, nothing more. He’s made a deal with the devil with the Qbec cheese cartel. Why do you think the PPC and Bernier exist? While Bernier is the economic rightist, Canadian conservatives are similar to 1970s US Democrats. Anything else is just leftist mass hysteria, similar to Extinction rebellion and Scoldilocks nonsense, ala Lizard May

    • Phil says:

      It’s okay Shane, have a flavoured organic ethically produced half-decaf java and relax. Maybe take a breath because when you speak before you think you forget to mention dear leader Justin Trudeau has had a drink or two with Faith Goldy. I know you would want to be fair and balanced in your assessment.
      I am just telling you this so you don’t have an aneurism or stroke as you do your daily exhaltation to your bosses. It’s hard not being a hyprocite when the dear leader tells you what to say.
      No one was ever ben sent to hell for being a conservative. There are two reasons, first there is nothing saying that being conservative in itself is un-Canadian let alone sinful and secondly the Trudeau team of misfits don’t get to make those sort of choices.

    • Walter says:

      Who was it that had drinks with Faith Goldy.?

  7. Leo Fleming says:

    I’ve been voting for 30+ years and I have never had reason to question the integrity of people who voted differently than I did. We live in a society where reasonable people can disagree. However this time around, I’m having difficulty granting people the benefit of the doubt, as it were, when they put Liberal signs in their yard. It’s come to the point where such an action amounts to a public declaration of unseriousness as a person.

    As much as I try to look upon these actions with a degree of charity , I can only conclude that the erection of a Liberal sign is tantamount to notifying your neighbours that you have neither dignity nor self-respect.

  8. Ontario John says:

    Oh noooo! Unbiased CBC reporter Katie Simpson is upset on twitter, that evil Scheer is campaigning in Hamilton the same day that a Liberal MP is having a funeral for her mother. Is there no stopping evil Scheer. Its a good thing the CBC is suing the Conservative Party.

    • lyn says:

      Katie Simpson sounds like a very lonely person spending all this time on Twitter with her bias thoughts. She needs to get a life with out Trudeau he is married!!!

  9. I assume you are going with the NDP as the best chance to defeat the Liberals in your riding with a leader you haven’t been critical of.

    • john says:

      No difference. They are both dangerous to the future of Canada. But then if you are basically predisposed to communism and authoritarian govt then you will vote either NDP or Liberal.

      • I do not believe you know what those words mean.

        • Phil says:

          I for one am glad I DON’T truly know from experience what communism and authoritarian govt mean. I’m not willing to vote for socialists at all because I don’t want to know first hand. That is why I am frustrated and have no alternative but Conservative since the Libs left the centre of the political spectrum.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Excellent point.

          For those not in the know:

          Communism = left-wing;

          Fascism = right-wing;

          Authoritarianism = either left or right;

          Totalitarianism = either left or right.

    • Pedant says:

      And vote for a party that wants to force productive taxpayers to pay for the dental bills of non-productive non-taxpayers? No thank you.

      • Robert White says:

        I have too few teeth left in my mouth to even go out in public, Pedant. After 40 years of looking for full time work I have only 5 months to show for my efforts. After attaining a two year college diploma, and a university degree, I have no ability to replace lost teeth so that I can continue looking for full time work.

        Some people in this country cannot afford food, dental work, or housing. I am one of those people, Pendant.

        By the time you get to old age like myself I, for one, believe that your perspective will be tempered somewhat.


  10. lyn says:

    the real Sean: EXACTLY!! I will go one further to say that if you vote NDP you are voting Liberal as Singh has said there will be a coalition between them to stop all pipeline from going anywhere in Canada. Jobs are at stake in Canada!

    • Phil says:

      My first reaction was exactly like yours but I disagree now after some thought and digestion of the news headline.
      I think it was a bit of clever campaigning that was pretty decent in saying that “hey, you don’t have to dump your NDP choice and vote liberal to oppose a conservative minority”.

      In fact I think it will be pretty hard for anyone to pan a tory win immediately, if they have a plurality, the Liberals themselves may decide to support the government for a time, probably through their first convention after this mess is over. Singh may want to use that time to be the true “effective” opposition (I miss Ed Broadbent) to better position themselves for the rematch that will come.
      I think the optics were a little inconsistent on SATURDAY but Singh since has been eating Trudeau’s lunch on the usual Liberal pander to the left ploy.
      This time the Left may stay in their home fold and the Liberals can spend some time figuring out who they are. After the Orange wave they somehow determined this fraud was a better idea than a rebuild now it may still prove to have been a mistake.
      Understand, I personally feel the NDP is the communist choice. A little harsh to some but I call em as I see em. What I am saying is that the NDP are not as afraid of the Liberals campaigning to the left and governing to the right because they see the fraudster Trudeau for what he really is.

  11. Robert White says:

    A political party is a Gestalt whole and cannot be reduced to constituent parts. Not all Liberals are lackluster. Chretien, Turner, & Martin will all be voting Liberal without a doubt. Moreover, it is understandable why a parent of an aboriginal would be so overtly contemptuous of a contrived façade of sincerity espoused by the marketing board of the Liberal War Room.

    I get the contempt for Trudeau at al. but my contempt for Steven Harper is still salient.


    • Mike says:

      So you don’t like a guy who isn’t running and because of that you’ll vote for the guy that’s full of ethics/truthfulness etc problems????

      Don’t vote for Harper on Monday, it’s that easy.

      If you’re so intent on tying current leaders to past ones, can’t we worry that Trudeau will act like McGuinty/Wynne did in their second mandates?

  12. WestGuy says:

    If Canada re-elects Trudeau we will be the country that saw a leader wear blackface three times that we know of, be found guilty of ethics violations twice and actively obstructed justice committee investigations and said “Meh, I’m okay with that.”

  13. I’ll be succinct: Justin Trudeau quite deliberately goes out of his way to play Canadians, and most especially voters, FOR FOOLS. That’s Reason One why this government must absolutely be defeated.

  14. Please allow me to help Justin improve this quote:

    “I think [Liberals]Conservatives need to continue to be called out for the nasty negative campaign [and disingenuous government] that they are running, because Canadians deserve better,” he said.

  15. RKJ says:

    Justin must be getting nervous – is quoted today that Scheer might win and that Scheer is running dirtiest campaign in history….. wonder what Justin’s internal polls are indicating. And, Justin is getting lots of help from a fawning media. Lieberals might still pull out of bag – Ontario voters get nervous too easily.

  16. Ontario John says:

    Gerald Butts explains on twitter that evil Scheer is dividing Jews by his support for Jews. He also shows that Scheer is unCanadian by a picture of him sitting down during the playing of Oh Canada. Its a good thing that Justin stated that he is running a clean campaign. And the newest scandal being pushed by Butts and his loyal media is how can Scheer travel to the U.S. without a valid American passport. I know I wake up every morning and wonder that. And rumour has it that if Groper becomes prime minister again, the Navy will celebrate by calling its newest ship, Blackie McBlackface. Its just a rumour though.

    • lyn says:

      Ontario John: Scheer is has dual citizenship in Canada and USA so I imagine he has a Canadian passport or Nexus pass into the USA. You can actually cross over with your birth certificate one time only as I did ask the American Border Guards when I was travelling to the states. Trudeau is running scared when he get Butts sending Tweets on Twitter the TWIT! Even CBC is calling people that have retired Peter Mansbridge comes to mind….OBAMA!! A VOTE FOR TRUDEAU IS A VOTE FOR ALL HIS ETHIC VIOLATIONS AND OBSTURCTION OF GOVERNMENT along with making CANADIANS PAY MORE FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFE…AS WELL AS GETTING RID OF JOBS!! VOTE OUT TRUDEAU!!

  17. Daphne Dykeman says:

    Trudeau is not not will he ever be one-tenth the man that Blaine Higgs is.

  18. Doron Berger says:

    Obama just endorsed him. Annoying.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Obama just endorsed him. Annoying.”

      Can you imagine the screams of outrage from the Liberals and the news media if Donald Trump had endorsed Andrew Scheer instead? Their heads would explode.

    • lyn says:

      Obama has proven to be a LIAR so what your saying bring on the LIAR! Do you want to continue have PM TRUDEAU whom will destroy the Canada we once knew by apologizing and handing money to ALL! VOTE OUT TRUDEAU!!

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Not a wise precedent to make.

      That aside, it’s a safe bet that Obama is not an avid consumer of the Canadian news cycle…let’s leave it at that.

    • Pedant says:

      Lost any respect I had for Obama when I heard this. It’s fine that they’re friends (though I can’t imagine those two have anything in common on a personal level), but to insert himself into our election is uncalled for. Especially considering the contempt with which he treated Canada during his presidency. Stay out of it, Barack.

  19. Doug Brown says:

    I’ve known since I was a young child that I leaned Libertarian and could never support the Liberal or NDP parties. Not surprising given that I’m the descendant of prairie homesteaders and mostly grew up in Calgary. That being said, the current Liberal government is particularly offensive and malevolent:
    -leader who has never accomplished anything beyond being famous for being famous. At least Kim Kardashian sort of worked for her fame by making a sex tape
    -phony wokebot leader who rattles off meaningless, out of context soundbites. All politicians sort of do this but Trudeau has a limited set of responses mostly about promoting the middle class, fighting Doug Ford and scaremongering about Stephen Harper
    -wizard behind the curtain who supposedly resigned but still pulls the strings
    -tried to save face on sabotaging the investment climate by buying a pipeline
    -attempted to let a sleazy Quebec based engineering company continue to bid on government contracts even though Canadian prohibits it
    -ended the career of a high ranking military official in an attempt to steer government contracts towards a rich, Liberal friendly company
    -resurrected Quebec and Alberta nationalism by playing regions against one another
    -incurred billions in debt with nothing tangible to show during a period that will likely turn out to be the high water mark of the current business cycle

  20. Hastings says:

    Warren is disappointed. Who isn’t – we’re rarely satisfied.

    We both worked for Jean Chrétien. But I was a Liberal when his brother was painting Liberal signs and Warren was a cub reporter in Calgary.

    We should not choose based on disappointment, but on hope, and who will deal with racism, indigenous issues, climate change, the economy – in the way we want. For me it’s easy – Trudeau and Liberal.

    • Harry Belafonte says:

      More credible to just say lifelong Liberal, will vote for them no matter what because loyalty.

      Trying to convince us a racist is best to deal with racism and indigenous issues (who are they voting for?) is laughable. Thanks for your donation though.

      I tell you what, if you can show me the stats that show our carbon tax has reduced global temperatures I’ll vote Liberal for the rest of my life.

    • Hastings,

      Won’t presume to speak for Kinsella but I’m more than disappointed. My vote is solely based on Trudeau’s official conduct in his capacity as prime minister. And in my book, he’s only somewhat short of a political failure.

  21. Jason says:

    I respect your opinion Warren but climate change is more important than all of those issues, as important as they are, and while people will wave their hands and say the Libs plan is insufficient, most environmental analysis I’ve read indicates it is substantially better than that and definitely better than the conservative non-plan. So we are stuck choosing between the least of two evils.

    • Walter says:

      Climate Change is a Trillion dollar industry.
      That is why ethics and morals in a government are so important because there is a lot of money to be made for a corrupt government and their friends.

      On Climate – it’s basically Harper who basically keeps GHG emissions constant, or Trudeau, who basically keeps GHG emissions constant. Both actually reduce GHG per capita, but let in enough people to offset the savings. If you really want to reduce GHG produced by Canada (and ignore those produced by the rest of the world), then Green or NDP is the only choice.

    • Jason,

      Very true. It’s real easy for me to vote CPC cause I’ll likely (and hopefully) be dead in thirty years.

    • DanBC says:

      Please see Dr Patrick Moore PHD, Greenpeace founder, and his youtube clips before you draw conclusions about the Climate Change Hysteria. If anybody has the cred to comment, HE DOES!. Certainly not Lizard May. Best to listen to an expert before a politician.
      You too Warren, with respect

      • Dan,

        From Wiki:

        A March 2014 episode of the American program Hannity featured Moore making the statement that the Earth “has not warmed for the last 17 years” in a debate with pundit Bob Beckel. Politifact, a political fact checking website operated by the Tampa Bay Times, rated Moore’s assertion “mostly false”, remarking that a significant net warming over that time-frame had occurred even though the spread was relatively flat as well as that Moore cherry-picked the time-frame to obscure the overall heating trend.[66]

        • lyn says:

          RO’D: What about Tim Ball winning his court case over the IPCC Mann whom did the hockey stick fudging the numbers. Climate has always been changing for millions of year. BUT calling for the earths distinction in 12yrs is a little out of sorts. It’s all about the money and people getting filthy rich! China, Pakistan, Russia and more polluting when does that stop!!

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            I agree that countries like China, India and other very large GHG emitters have to be proactively fast-tracked but that’s one thing. Using that as a convenient excuse for Canada to do as little as required (bare-bones environmentalism) is quite another. That’s why no one believes Scheer’s BS on the carbon tax. And it’s a huge drag on potential CPC support with moderates and right-leaning disaffected Liberals. But Scheer doesn’t know the meaning of climate-change reality.

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