, 11.13.2019 11:13 AM

And so it begins

He will be impeached in the House. But the Senate will not remove him, of course.

Doesn’t matter. It will increasingly obsess him and his team, it will drain their already-thin resources, and it will hobble his re-election effort.

Which means it’ll work.


  1. Peter says:

    Got it all mapped out, do you? I guess it’s true what they say. Hope really does spring eternal.

  2. David says:

    So it’s simply about the politics then. Dems don’t like losing so let’s try Russia hoax, Stormy Daniels, Kavanagh and now this. Shoudnt voters in the Dem districts be annoyed their interests are not being looked after with all focus on this impeachment?

  3. I tend to think that the fact that the future Articles of Impeachment will be directly related to his job performance likely swings the balance toward it working. But you are braver than yours truly. I really think it ultimately could go either way.

    But the big picture, IMHO, is what happens when Trump leaves office. I wouldn’t call it a for sure but I think it’s more than likely that Trump will face charges once he’s no longer President.

    • Jim R says:

      Donald Junior will run and become the Republican presidential nominee for 2024. Trump’s base will support him, and as he’s younger, smarter, and more telegenic that Trump he’ll also pull in enough non-base voters to win. He will pardon his dad.

      And the sad, sordid beat goes on. I need a drink.

      • Derek Pearce says:

        He can’t pardon his Dad if the charges/conviction are at State level, only federal crimes. Also you’re dream I g if you think voters will go back to another Trump in this lifetime.

  4. the real Sean says:

    Mike Pence = Frank Underwood

  5. Douglas W says:

    If matters go significantly south for Trump, who will be anointed to lead the GOP? Gotta believe the GOP brass is contemplating a back-up plan.

  6. David Bushby says:

    interesting comment where a Dem just said “heresay can be much better evidence than direct evidence” Is that so? thats the basis of all this? LOL

    • lyn says:

      David Bushby: When I read that I had to laugh what have the Dem’s become is a laughing matter of stupidity.

    • Andrew Jurgen Kaut says:

      The truthiness is strong here. Stop listening, only watch. And judge quickly.

      The decision to impeach Trump was made 3 years ago; anyone who stands in the way of it now is obviously an asshole.

  7. Mike Jeffries says:

    Surely the Republicans can find a stronger candidate than Trump for 2020? Have they not had enough of his tweets and rants?
    Don’t they see that *this* is their ‘trump card’ to get him to quit by McConnell telling him to resign or face the more embarrassing fate of the Senate voting to impeach him?

  8. Gord Tulk says:

    Support for impeachment process is slowly waning (about 1% per week). The star witnesses so far are all basing judgement on hearsay – far below what is required even for a motion of censure let alone impeachment.

    The witnesses who are going to make or break Trump are those who dealt directly with him – rudi, Bolton et al.

    Meanwhile the IG report could drop as early as the 20th and that could well destroy the Dems and the obama legacy what precious little remains of it.

    And once it is referred to the senate let’s see what cocaine will do – make it short with a small censure or take 8 weeks and suck all of the air out of the dem primaries and drag up all of Biden and Obamas links to the Ukraine (apparently the IG has stuff regarding the latter). Either way the Dems will be a divided mess.

    • Warren says:

      He’s not going to be removed from office by the Senate. But that ain’t the political point.

      • Gord Tulk says:

        Probably not unless something comes out of Bolton or Rudi. And I agree that that isn’t the political point.

        As you well know the impeachment of Bill Clinton was a disaster for the GOP politically. I see this being as bad or maybe even worse for the Dems especially if the IG lays charges.

        • Gord,

          Can’t be sure of that. Lewinsky had nothing to do with Clinton’s performance in office but rather his “performance” in office. Trump is all about his Executive Action. That makes a big diff.

        • The Doctor says:

          Aahh yes, the magic silver bullet of the IG report. The report which shall smite Trump’s enemies with great vengeance and bring on the Turner Diaries dream of all Trump supporters.

  9. Killer Marmot says:

    If these proceedings are viewed as gratuitous and irresponsible politicking by enough voters, it could catapult Trump back into the White House in a year.

    • The Doctor says:

      What I saw from those first two witnesses was very far from “gratuitous and irresponsible politicking”. Looked to me like a couple of highly qualified and professional lifetime public servants exposing corrupt and unethical behaviour.

    • KM,

      Yes, that’s distinctly possible. Where it gets tricky is whether it’s still probable? I won’t wager either way at this point.

      Trump’s real problem starts the day he leaves office. Quite obviously, Republicans know that though they are mighty good at pretending otherwise.

    • Fred from BC says:

      That’s my expectation as well. I’ve read everything available on this, and it just reads like more of the Russian collusion BS to me. I’m frankly shocked that the Democrats are so easily falling into the same trap as last time…did they learn nothing at all from that fiasco? Once again, they’re rolling the dice with their political credibility: they’ve got nothing, they *know* they’ve got nothing, but they are once again fervently hoping (and praying, no doubt) that something (anything!) of substance will be revealed during the process.

      Not smart. Not smart at all. Could the Democrats possibly be doing all this to deflect attention away from the criminal charges coming *their* way as a result of previous stupid decisions inspired by their seemingly pathological TDS?

      Either way, whether they take Trump down, he takes them down or they BOTH go down in flames, it will definitely be a fun ride.

    • lyn says:

      Killer Marmot: I hope so Trump is doing a great job for the American people that voted him in…now if the Democrats would only put this impeachment on the back burner and get to work getting thing done like signing the USMCA but NO, they are wasting TAXPAYERS MONEY on an impeachment on hearsay!!

  10. It all boils down to this: Trump made the incredibly stupid mistake of thinking he could run his Administration the same way he ran the TO. And since Trump is a perfect representation of widely established business practices across the United States, well…there you go. How prosecutors must be salivating.

    • lyn says:

      Ronald O’Dowd: It really boils down to the Democrats abusing the Constitution as the framers meant it…using the Judicial system for their gains and disrupting the Presidents Executive branch from doing it’s work. The Senate is spending a lot of time wasting the TAXPAYERS money on things not relevant to their job like passing USMCA.

  11. Don says:

    If he were to be impeached, it would be civil war in the U.S., because, like him or not, Trump had 63 million Americans vote for him, he won 304 electoral college votes, and his base is large … What’s happened the past three years (Special Prosectors, Impeachment Investigations, etc.) will likely become business as usual in U.S. politics. Don’t win on election night? Not a problem, just keep trying to overturn in anyway you can.

    • lyn says:

      Don: It is not exactly impeachment..lets call it resistance or coup in turn civil war. The Democrats don’t seem to understand that Trump is the people’s choice for their President. The Democrats are trying to stop a duly election President from doing his job. They all need to be charge for interference of a duly elected President. There needs to be consequences for their actions!!

  12. Andrew Jurgen Kaut says:

    Political points are poopy ones. Enough politicking and I say they should try working on some shit instead of just being angry at the elected guy.

    Like Canada, I’d guess. He may not have gotten the popular vote, but whatever. How about we try and get some potable water on reserve? Or a national pharmacare plan?

    Our Shiny Pony’s gotta be good for something…

    Ideas, anyone?

    • The Democratic House have passed hundreds of bills, which are awaiting debate and compromise in the Senate.

      I’m glad to see you agree with the NDP conditions to support a Liberal government.

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