, 11.10.2019 07:35 PM

KINSELLACAST 86: Warren gives a speech to a bunch of Tories about what they do wrong, and survives!


  1. Martha says:

    [I don’t know if my first comment went through so here goes again]. Great talk Warren. I listened to the entire podcast. You set out perfectly what went wrong for the Conservative party in this election. And your SNC analysis at the end surprised me. We’ll see if your predictions some true.
    Your points prove that winning the popular vote by half a million didn’t mean a thing if Mr. Scheer didn’t win the big prize. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Tony Miller says:

    Really enjoyed this speech, Warren. But I had one question. You say that the mainstream media is wholly behind the Liberals, but the newspapers overwhelmingly endorse the Cons from an editorial standpoint, last election and this. How do you square that circle?

  3. Leasa Janssen says:

    You have given me so much to think about. I so agree with every single word you said. We are stuck with Mr. Scheer now, that ship has sailed. So, perhaps with a ton of coaching he can stop talking into his shirt and be prepared for questions we all know are coming? I do hope so. Again, thank you Mr. Kinsella for your wisdom. I love how you don’t kiss ass.

  4. Glenn Harder says:

    May dear Warren You said you had no core values, but you are are Roman Catholic, dear brother! PS the greatest Beatles album was Rubber Soul not that ground Pepper gimmick. Many of us prefer good musicianship to sound engineering. Cheers Niagara Glenn

  5. Glenn Harder says:

    You are Canada’s Machiavelli and I say that as a great compliment! Would you agree? cheers Niagara Glenn

  6. lyn says:

    Great speech Warren and I hope this group of Conservatives take this information to the party. I think I will do the same thing with the local Conservative MP member in my area. It’s worth a try nothing to lose we have already lost this election onto the next with a win.

    I know you will delete this as you don’t approve of my thinking!

  7. Jennifer Mazzarolo says:

    Fantastic podcast and I loved the music!! When you talk about Scheer missing the boat on “values”, wasn’t that the entire campaign messaging about “Putting more money in YOUR pocket, so YOU get ahead”?? He was referring to fiscal responsibility. Also, he ran on Trudeau’s failures of integrity, transparency, etc. which I took as Conservative values. I perceived his main campaign thrust was “the forgotten” or the “average Canadian”. Did I miss something?? Stephen Harper’s book, “Right Here, Right Now” is excellent and discusses this in detail. Should be required bloody reading for Scheer and his entire team. Thanks Warren.

  8. Kit says:

    Warren’s participation MADE the day. He hit our problems dead on. I hope we listen to him. We seem to have Lost Our Really Clever Strategists…. too bad!

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