11.11.2019 02:35 AM

Remembering my Dad on Remembrance Day

Here he is, age 20, at officer cadet training in the Summer of 1952. Front row centre.

He went on to join the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps but the war ended before he could go over. He always regretted that, but us, not so much.

We miss him every single day – and on this day, even more.


  1. hugh says:

    Lost a lot of friends in our most recent war,
    we all join for our own reasons but at the end of the day what it all comes down to is
    Pro Patria!
    (For Country)

  2. Robert White says:

    My grandfather White was Canadian Infantry for the First World War. He was injured in France and lost one of his legs there. His fellow soldiers took him to a farm in rural France and made sure the farm family took care of him until they could retrieve him the next day.

    My father was RCAF in the Second World War but he was only a potato peeler/machine gun cleaner as he wore coke-bottle glass and had flat feet.

    I never had any interest in war or battlefields. In brief, the military is a destroyer of people & lives. Rational people would never join such a cause IMHO. Peer pressure likely forced many to enlist merely to be a part of the crowd.

    Ghandi had the right idea about war.


  3. Raymond says:

    Very cool.

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